Cost Comparison

I think this little nugget will give you food for thought, which is ironic given that CBD is a food supplement.

As we have pointed out, we feel that CBD should be good quality and reasonably priced, which has always been our business ethics.

So, how does Simply CBD fair in cost per mg of CBD and annual costs. The table below shows the annual costs of an average user taking 10mg of CBD per day. Taken from over 100 current best selling products in the UK from ALL the top brands this shows the top 11 and bottom 10. The top 11 are the most cost effective, and the bottom, well, what can we say:


1 thought on “Cost Comparison

  1. This blew me away. I do spreadsheets to calculate the cost per mg to find out which vendors I want to try and which products are the most cost effective and compare them with the strength per drop or spray and weigh what is more important. Seeing your chart here just blew me away. Such effort to bring the technical facts to people. I am impressed.

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