Are big bottles of CBD better value for money

I had a lady phone me last week to ask if we “sell in bigger bottles“. I asked her why and she said that “they are better value for money”. So, very patiently I explained the truth to her.

When we buy CBD what we are after is simple, the CBD content. This is what is good for us, this is what we seek. In very basic terms, CBD is extracted from the plant, which you can visibly see if you buy a syringe of pure extract, its a tar like substance that contains most of the plant, and a percentage of CBD.

Now. To bottle this, they simply put that extract into a bottle and top it up with cooking oil, be it hemp oil, avocado oil, or nine times out of ten, olive oil. THATS IT. When you buy a bottle of cbd it contains cbd, and good old cooking olive oil.

So she said, “well your 10ml Red costs me £20 and I can get a 100ml Bottle of XXX 800 for £100″.

Now. as you can see from the picture below, we take one 10ml bottle of our 800mg Red and compare to a 800mg XXX at 100ml

Yes, the XXX bottle is 100ml BUT it is greatly watered down with Olive Oil and still only contains 800mg of CBD right at the very bottom. Ours in 4mg a drop, and the other is 0.4mg, which is why our Red you dose per drop, and the XXX you dose by the spoonful. Basically she is paying an extra £80 for 99.2ml of olive oil which you can get at Tesco’s for £2.

So, it is not cost effective to buy in large bottles, you do not get better value for money, you still get the same amount of CBD in a bottle, what you do get however is vast amounts of olive oil and probably a bad case of diarrhea because of all the oil you are consuming.

Over 1 year, if you take on average 10mg of CBD a day, our 10ml will cost you £91 annually, and the XXX will cost you £1,383.00.

AND, in 1 year, with the XXX, you will be consuming HALF A LITRE of unnecessary olive oil, which from a health perspective its a better oil to consume, but not necessarily a long term healthy oil to consume.

She ordered two bottles of our Red 800mg for £40 which will last her a good 3 months.

As with most things in the CBD world. All that glitters, is not necessarily gold.


12 thoughts on “Are big bottles of CBD better value for money

  1. This explains it For me much more clearer it actually makes more sence to buy the 10mg

  2. Thanks for this explananation, very helpful. Im just about to order my first bottle.

  3. Is it not possible to up the CBD content To make bigger bottles?

    1. Sam, we have a 30ml version of the 250 called the 750, a 30ml version of the 500 called the 1500 and a 30 and 50ml version of the 1000 called the 3000 and 5000

  4. I am about to order my third bottle of CBD frOm yOu, as a quote FrOm a song sums it up completely…. you are simply the best!!

  5. Wow that explains so much thank you

  6. Great that your CLearing the misperceptions about cbd 😊

  7. Your explanation is very clear Thank you I shall order from you in about a month

  8. I really appreciate your EXPLANation in layman term and not baffle me with SCIENTific jargon.


  9. I’m just about to order from you again as this will be about my 3rd order.
    Although my Shih Tzu has put alot of weight on due to Predisoline and the CBD OIL…I am very lucky to still have her here with me 28 months after being diagnosed with Lymohoma. She turned 14 last November.

  10. Thank you for the diaGrames it clears thst up once and for all

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