The Road To Huckleberry Farm

As some of you, but not the other 12,900, already know, there are two main reasons why we started Simply CBD less than just 6 months ago. Firstly it was to ensure that everyone was able to get good quality cbd oil at an affordable price instead of being held ransom to expensive brands, something I really think we have truly achieved. And the second was that EVERY single penny of profit, and I really do mean 100% of everything the Simply makes, is going to buy Huckleberry Farm. We are looking for a farm in West Wales of around 50+ acres where we can setup the first holistic animal run free shelter in the UK. Where rescue dogs, visitors, and guests, can run their dogs free of worry and enough land and activities (lakes, woods etc) to ensure that the dogs do what is natural and that’s to Run Free. We will have hydrotherapy on site, holistic consultants, a visiting vet, and training facilities. And of course, the farm must have enough outbuildings to ensure that Simply CBD can not only find new business premises, but expand to help more people. We want to offer accommodation so guests can bring their dogs, or can stay with the home pack if they can’t have a dog but want to look after one for a week on the farm.

This is our dream, this is Huckleberry Farm

We have run K9-Rescue our registered charity since 2006. In that time we have rehomed, and continue to do so, thousands of stray, sick, and injured dogs, to which society would otherwise get rid of. We have run the shelter from our home in the Forest of Dean for the last 4 years and now its time to move onto the next phase.

But, the last 6 months have also brought a sadness and heartbreak on an unimaginative scale. When we started this journey to the farm it was with thirteen long term house mates who have all been with use for at least the last 10 years, most since being rescued as puppies under the most horrific circumstances. They are not just our pets, far from it, they are family as every dog owner knows. Sadly, in such a short time, three of them have been snatched from us and have passed away. The last one, Ziva, the only survivor of her whole family, went from fit and healthy to passing in just 2 months due to cancer. To this, our hearts have been torn from us and we are now left piecing together our lives without them. They have all left legacies to the family that can never be replaced, never will be, and there are spots in the house which now lay quiet and empty like our hearts.

Building Simply up has been a 24/7 job, and nursing these sick dogs has also pushed us to the limits. But we go on. And what drives us, is the Farm. Now after the passing of our family members, the resolve to get there is so strong we taste the sea salt in the air, we hear the seagulls overhead,  feel the acres of grass under our feet, and see the dogs running round and round.

So there you have it, the road to Hucklebrry. A road that has seen highs, and lows, happiness and heartbreak, but always always there’s been hope. A road that keep on twisting and turning, but at the end of it, Huckleberry Farm. And nothing, I mean nothing, is going to stand in our way. The timescales are now shortened as we now desperately need to get our canine family there sooner than later. And so the race is on and the final furlong beckons.

If anyone has any help they can offer to get the farm, then please let us know……We are great believers that things happen for a reason. The pain and the heartbreak is part of the journey. But also, the 9000+ people on the group, and the many many thousands of happy customers we have, are all part of this journey, and somewhere out there, is someone who may just hold the key to helping us get the dream….

If you’re a newspaper reporter or an estate agent, a farmer or a lottery winner, or you just happen to have a spare farm going in West Wales, you may just hold the key and bring a ray of hope……

One day we will get there, and when we do, each and every one of you will be invited to the Huckleberry Homecoming Summer Party that we intend to hold…….

With love in our hearts, and from the whole family, we thank each and every one of our customers, and forum members for helping on this journey……

Brian and Michelle….and the pack

23 thoughts on “The Road To Huckleberry Farm

  1. Beautiful. what a lovely place and what caring loving people you are. I wish you well with your plans. If I lived nearer I would be there helping you. Thank you for helping our fury friends and caring so much.

  2. Brian & Michelle
    I’m not great with words but feel very moved and inspired by hearing of your journey, hopes and dreams- huckleberry farm. I understand the amazing relationship we have with our animal friends and am so thankful of people like yourselves who rescue those who have had a bad life. I wish I could help more but rest assured I support you wholeheartedly and in spirit. I feel sure you will achieve all you wish for. Rip beautiful ziva 💙💜

  3. This ARTICLE brought a lump to my THROAT, tear to my eyes and at The same time a lovely warm fuzzy feeling. you are doing something thAt i have only ever drEamed of doing and i hope all your draams come true and i would love to come and viSit you one day. From an enormous dog lovEr and a big believer in cbd oils and also a welshy 😬

  4. I love that your products go towards helping rescue dogs, Such a fantastic cause.

  5. You are very kind, caRing and compasionate people,
    Well done for all your hard work and dedication.
    I Look forward to comIng and stay in the near future When it is possible and care for one of your well loved dogs. It would also be lovely to meeT you and the good folk from the Facebook Group.
    I’m sure this whole thing will blossom into something beautiful in a short time,
    I look forward to it.
    All the very best for the future,
    Nick Johnson


  7. Awww Ive only just read this Brian. and now I have menopausal snot bubbles and tears trailing down my face whilst i sit in work trying to hide behind my computer!! Love you guys xxxx

  8. Wow !!!
    How Fabulous you are 💙
    Im buying this cbd for my pooch , hopefully the quality is better than we’ve tried before and he will get some relief . I shall donate each time i order 🐶Bless you all 😊

    1. i too have only just spotted this post and was deeply moved, i AM SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS ♥ I wish you all the best in your dream and hope that it wont be too long before it comes to fruition because I have no doubt it will. If I were closer, I would help. WE, LIKE SO MANY, HAVE A RESCUE DOG… NEXT TO MY CHILDREN THE BEST THING i EVER DID IN MY LIFE WAS RESCUE HER ♥ tHANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT YOU CONTINUE TO GIVE ME AND IN RETURN WILL DONATE EACH TIME i ORDER. bEST WISHES TO YOU AND IN YOUR DREAM BRIAN AND MICHELLE

  9. A farm full of dogs needing love and attention….our idea of perfection. We love Wales and visit often despite already living by the south west coast, it’s something in the air there.
    Best of luck

  10. Like many others, I have only just read this and am just in complete awe of you lovely people. If only there were more like you in this world, if only I too lived closer I would love to help. We had a rescue dog come into our lives just a year ago and the pleasure he gives us is like no other.
    Will certainly come and pay a visit sometime in the future.
    In the meantime, wishing you lots of love and good luck.
    Oh yes, have just purchased some oil to try, after being recommended by a friend.

    1. Maria!…my health has improved since starting CBD….im forever grateful for coming across Simply…I cannot praise them enough…they have changed my life!…i have never felt as good as i do now….x

  11. hi Brian and michelle, I am a customer and pack owner, i have just completed my pet Reiki master training and am updating all my dog training qualifications with canine principles also about to do small animal scenar training all building towards my own pet coaching and therapy business – i love your dream and when you get their would love to offer my services if i can xx

  12. Hi Brian and michelle, firstly we would like to thank you you both, for always having time to answer our questions, with both raw food and cbd. After reading your article on huckleberry farm, which is a brilliant idea, i would like to offer my services when needed. Although you may remember me from the vape shop, i am an electrician by trade, so when you are ready i will be there if you need any electrical work. We would love to come and stay when you’re done. Many thanks again nathan, lorrain, and shade (dogue de bordeaux)
    P.s the staff in your new shop are all lovely too

  13. Hope your dream comes true very soon !! We live in West Wales such a magical lovely place to be , you are such an inspiration , your love shines through your every word , your dream has to happen so other animals & people will benefit from your wonderful work ☺ have you been in touch with local estate agents ? The tivy side paper have a good property section , good luck , xxx Jenny Wilson

  14. IM so inspired by your dream. Ill definately be buying my oils from you and if i ever win it big on the lottery ill be in touch ( you would have to have a cat annex too though xx) i really hope to be able to visit the farm soon xx

  15. What you are striving to achieve is TRULY remarkable!….if i had a million pound win on the lottery, i know where i would be gifting some of that money !….i am humbled by your dedication and as a result i always give a donation when i buy my oil…the world needs more Brians. And the rest kf the team behind Simply!….love and respect to you all always x

  16. I read your your story with tears in my eyes, feeling your pain at losing a beloved member of your family Ziva, We too had to say goodbye to our fur child so know how painful it is, I hope with all my heart that your dream comes true, how truly amazing you are in not only helping the animals but us humans too, god bless you both and thank you so very much

  17. THANKS FR THE cbd OIL, doing wonders for my wife’s health

  18. My heart goes out to you.
    I am at my happiest when andog is beside me and know i am a better person because of the love and devotion they give me.
    If i am in a position to come into any money i will get in my car with my fur banies and come and find you to Make your dream come true.
    Best wishes


  20. I am amazed by your STORY and your beautiful hearts that guide you towards such a wonderful resource for our precious Doggies (those yet to find homes and those already with homes).If i had a TON of money, I would donate to this cause without a doubt. Unfortunately, I do not, but I will certainly think of other ways that I can help. When Hucklebury Farm becomes a thing, I’ll definitely be keen to pay a visit. Thank you so so much for caring, and even more for doing.

  21. I can completely empathise with your TERRIBLE feeling of loss sadness and emptiness. Having lost 6 of our so very loved sled dogs over the past 11 months I really dont know how we survived the heartache. All were aged between 18 yrs and 14yrs and most of them we had since the day they were born. I also hold you in great esteem for your devotion to the dogs you rescue <3 We also have 2 rescues both from the vile and brutal dog meat trade in Thailand. At the moment we are nursing another two of our older sled dogs, Todd who has a condition called degenerative myopathy and Faith who has a severe heart murmur and arthritis in both hips.

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