K9 Rescue Can you Help

This is a call for help for us at K9 Rescue and SimplyCBD.

We moved back to the UK in 2013 after a long spell firstly in Bulgaria, but then a few years in France. We started K9 Rescue in Bulgaria in 2006 after witnessing first hand the millions of stray streetdogs roaming the country. Bulgarias answer to this was mass culls on a regular basis. This obviously never worked as the problem remained. So, we set about with our own solutions. We lobbied government to bring in new Animal protection laws, which they did. We ran Trap Neuter Return campaigns in towns and villages, which has worked. And we set about taking the most needy and helpless out of shelters and off the streets, and finding new homes all round the world which we have now done for thousands of dogs.

So, after Michelles father died of cancer we decided to return to the Uk to be closer to her mum for a while. Diminishing savings meant we were stuck for suitable accomodation as we have 13 dogs who are now our family. But, fate kicked in and we came across an abandonded pub in the Forest of Dean going really cheap as it wasn’t selling. And thats where we are now….


The pub dates back to 1827 and inside its what you would expect, inglenook fireplace, lots of ensuite bedrooms, and a huge function room. Its half an acre of secure garden so perfect to give the dogs space.

The plan at the Travellers was simple. Our 2 year plan was to renovate, convert to a 6 bed house, then sell for a hansome profit and buy a farm for a bigger run free shelter.

But the best laid plans of mice and men and starting the raw food business and now Simply CBD meant the renovations took a back seat and 2 years suddenly became 4.

We did put the house on the market in 2017 for £450k (we paid £140k) and the response was totally unexpected. We had 10 viewings and 2 offers in 1 week. It would appear the house, sat in the middle of a tourist hotspot, was a goldmine for something like a b & b. But the issue suddenly arose we had nowhere to go, and renting was out of the question, so we took it off the market.

Now stuck between a rock and a hard place, unable to get bridging finance, we sit and ponder. This is where SimplyCBD came in to play.

We started Simply for 2 reasons. 1: to be the most cost effective cbd in the Uk so that everyone can get the benefits of cbd, and 2: to raise funds for Huckleberry Farm.

Huckleberry farm is our dream catcher 21st century style. I live by the code of seeing and envisage what you want, and eventually it will happen. The website is our dream, our vision, our long term home where our well travelled pack can finally be home, run free, and end their days.

The dream of the farm is a fairly long term one based on the success of Simply CBD. One to two years max whereby all 100% of Simply’s profits will buy the farm. But the start of 2018 , and the cruel hand of fate, have now changed these plans, and shortened them considerably.

In the last two weeks alone we have lost two of our long term pack family little Bobi and lovely Bazi. Both taken so quivkly, unexpectedly, and have left a huge hole in our hearts. To add to this, another family member Ziva, upon routine vet issues, was suddenly declared with cancer and a life and death decision was made. There was no way on this plant we were going yo lose another and she is now recouperating from a splenectomy. Unfirtunately the prognosis thereafter is short, but something we are willing to fight with all our knowledge on supplemrnts and diets.

And so, this answers why our 2 year dream deadline has now been rapidly brought forward to this summer. We need Ziva to taste the free run at Huckleberry, and if neccessary end her days at her final home. This now is our deep and urgent requirement.

Thos is where we are looking for any help. We are not looking for money, unless that is on offer, but more the following .

We need someone to buy the farm. They will then own it so having the safety of a tangible asset. We get to move in the farm. We then finish a quick 4 week final renovation on the Travellers Rest, which is all it needs, and we sell it. The money from the sale will then repay for the purchase of the farm. We are more than happy to pay an extra