FAQ and Labs

What is your contact information?

We can be contacted by email by using online contact form http://www.simply-cbd.co.uk/contact/

Or email support@simply-cbd.co.uk

PLEASE DON’T ASK FOR medical advice or recommendations for oil as we simply cannot give it.

At the moment we are unable to take telephone orders .

Can we pop up for a visit?

YES! We love to have visitors, but please arrange to make an appointment. We do spend a lot of time working in the dog charity caring for sick and dying dogs so visiting needs to be controlled unfortunately.

I have cancer can you help?

Sadly, we are unable to offer any advice on the use of our oils for cancer treatment, this is because they are not sold or made as cancer treatment. The Government has a very specific piece of legislation called the ‘1939 Cancer act’ which prohibits any discussion around the use of any treatment that is not state approved. We understand that people will want to do whatever they can to try and beat cancer and the movement around ‘cannabis kills cancer’ is, we’re afraid not strictly true. It is a useful tool but should not be considered under any circumstances a one stop cure.

As some of us here have been in your shoes and have had or do have this condition we will be happy to have an informal chat but we will not recommend or advise the use of our oils as treatment.

Which oil is best for me?

Again, due to the Government not recognizing cannabis as having any medicinal value we are not allowed to make any recommendations. If we do the MHRA and other agencies could consider this as us making a recommendation about our oil as treatment, therefore promoting it as medicine, which is illegal.
The other reason we can’t make recommendations is that we just don’t know. Everybody has an endocannabinoid system which is what directly interacts with the compounds in cannabis to promote wellbeing. As we, as humans, have different lifestyles and interactions our bodies respond differently to the extracts which means what is good for one may not be good for another. For example, we could have two people with the same condition on paper but they will respond differently to the same extract. This is why, we offer a range of extracts in the hope that when you choose our oils you will be able to maximize the feeling of wellbeing.

How do I know what extract is best for me?

ALL our oils offer different cannabinoid and terpene profiles which in turn promote the feeling of wellbeing in different ways in different people.

One of our favorite groups to ask for help is the CBD Users UK, this is a group that’s independent to us but offers the best advice and is run by a lovely group of people, who themselves have a variety of conditions and may be able to offer more sound advice without the bias of selling one particular brand.


The other group, run by similar folks, and who are all users if Simply products themselves is https://www.facebook.com/groups/SimplyCBD/  

Recommended usage

Again, due to the way people interact with the extracts it’s difficult to offer advice so we generally suggest that people start slow and build up. This could be 1-2 drops for 5 days then adding another drop for a further 5 days until, hopefully, they find a level that helps.

Storage of the oil

Please keep the oil in a cool dark place when not in use, a cupboard or shelf should be fine.

The oil won’t come out the bottle, Help!

This is due to the oil being quite thick after mixing, if the environment is cool or its been posted during the winter this may cause the oil to be to thick for the dropper, to fix this please just pop the oil in a cup of warm water for around 3 minutes until it softens up.

My bottle is opening despite me closing it

Because we suspend the extract in olive or rice bran oil if you get some oil onto the thread of the bottle it will act like a lubricant and undo the bottle. To stop this happening we recommend that, if you do get oil onto the thread, you clean it thoroughly, both on the bottle and on the lid.

Can I travel with this oil?

CBD is generally not a controlled substance so in most cases, however, due to the nature of the product some countries’ border forces may consider it to be cannabis oil and, as such seize you, the product and ruin your holiday, so we advise against it.

Do you ship overseas ?

Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Germany & France are the only countries at the moment due to ever changing laws in all countries. Other countries will be added as laws change but it really is an ever moving target. We had no problems shipping to Cyprus until recently when customs decided to step up their campaign on imported CBD.

Does your oil contain THC?

Yes, due to the nature of the extract all cannabis (hemp) based extracts will contain trace amounts of THC. There is an unwritten rule that an amount up to 0.2% is acceptable in the product. However, the Home Office will say that the extract must contain no THC whatsoever but as this is unworkable, and also in such small amounts that it will not have any psychoactive effects, they tend not to act on it; they have far more important things to be doing. All our oils contain trace amounts which can be found on the lab reports.

Are your products organic

Our products are of Dutch origin and our plant nursery uses only the tops of organically produced plants.

My order is missing HELP ME!

Ok no worries, this will be given the highest of priorities please email support@simply-cbd.co.uk

So what are your qualifications?

We are not medically trained, we’re not pharmaceutically trained and we have no qualifications that allow us to offer you any medical advice. We are experts in cannabis and will do what we can to help to promote people’s wellbeing but all our knowledge is based on experience and from helping ourselves and family.

Can you take orders over the phone?

No sadly not at this point.

Payment information?

Payments can be made by Visa, debit card or direct bank transfer. Card details are never stored on our server. Checkout is secure provided by our partners.

Lab Results

All latest lab results (2019) are on each product page below the product description.