Is it called golden paste because of the colour, or is it called Golden Paste because it is really pure gold when it comes to the health benefits. It has now been scientifically proven that taken as a supplement with CBD, the powers of golden paste sky rocket. Without going too technical Turmeric inhibits enzymes which are responsible for the breakdown of CBD. CBD inhibits FAAH which is responsible for the breakdown of cannabinoids. Also, the black pepper in the golden paste has “guineensine” which is a anandamide reuptake inhibitor as well as “caryophyllene” which is a CB2 agonist. These different plants seem to have a synergistic effect together.
Many people take golden paste for all sorts of reason. Many people are now finding the wonderful benefits of taking CBD. Put the two together and its like going from a Ford Escort, to the Space Shuttle.



  1. WoW!! This looks fantastic! I’ve been wanting to try golden paste for a while now. CBD with turmeric and black pepper is just what I need. Thanks Brian. Keep up the great work you are doing! xx

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment. We’ve been working with dogs now for over 15 years and have used Golden Paste so many times we have lost count. It really does only seem natural to bring the two together….Exciting stuff

  3. This sounds perfect for me to help with my health concerns and for a dog I’m adopting from spain, galga, who has been left with a wobbly back leg as a result of catching distemper.

  4. Hi, I’m new to this, my vet has said to give my dog solo Simply CBD Black 1000 to help her.
    if any one can tell if I can take this as well I would be very grateful. Carol

  5. Hi Brian
    I received my cdb black and it’s effects are amazing and I just wanted to thank you so much for the free balm sample and I Will definitely be ordering again

  6. I was contacting you last week it’s just aprogress report after 5 day’s my wife is still doing well good for you if you want to start a survey in to the benifets I would be happy to help

  7. Will this make me high?

    1. No basically

  8. My First delivery of liquid gold as arrived , with a free sample of balm might i add “happy me”, and i cannot wait to get staRted.

    Thank you guys for making this product an cant wait to try the balm, will be buYing very shortly

    Thanks joanne

  9. This was my first choice of oil due to the combination,but I have found it is giving me an upset stomach? could that be the tumeric?
    I have ordered now the entourage aqua water due to the reviews and that it is not oil based to see how i get on with that.
    i love the fact that it is all in a good cause i have horses myself and i am thinking of trying one on the aqua entourage too as he suffers from anxiety will let you know how it goes!

  10. Hi Brian just RECEIVED my CBD Gold, will keep you informed of my progress, thanks for the little extras included in the package which arrived very quickly.

  11. Hi brian ! I must firstly Thankyou for my free trial of balm ! wow its pure magic great! I also need to tell you that i have suffered with many health concerns for the past 6 yrs ! Suddenly i noticed 3 weeks ago one of my concerns had simply gone! i am convinced its due to Liquid Gold with turmeric+ black pepper i am sooo happy + obvs amazed ! Thankyou so very very much all your products are amazing ! Please keep doing what youre doing xxxxgill xxxx

  12. hi i am on the 1000 black im now going to try the 2500 hofully it will help more
    thank u brian 4 such an amazing products and the free balm

  13. Thanks for the free balm, lovely. am seeing improvements after 2 weeks

  14. Hi Brian
    I now i’ve only started but I was feeling better even before i opened the bottle
    seriously, i am impressed by the service thus far and the quality of the product.

  15. I’ve been using simply liquid gold for the past few weeks and have seen a definite improvement. I’ve Iincreased my dose slowly up to 8 drops twice per day.

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