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CBD Candles

Are you looking for a way to bring the spa feeling into your home? Look no further than our range of calming CBD candles! These CBD infused candles are available in two scents that will ignite your senses and calm your nerves. Made with high quality ingredients and presented in a classic glass holder, a CBD candle from our range will provide the perfect dose of zen for your home.

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Frequently asked questions

A CBD candle is an alternative CBD product in comparison to the more classic options like oils and gummies. They’re infused with CBD isolate and offer a therapeutic absorption method. As with any type of candle, our CBD candles produce enjoyable scents that add to the calming effects of their CBD content. For example, one of our CBD infused candles comes in a Lavender Spa scent. This classic aroma is mixed with chamomile to create the perfect candle for relaxation. We also offer an Egyptian Amber candle, which is a great option if you’re looking for a deeper, more sultry scent.


Our CBD candles each contain 20mg of CBD isolate. This CBD content is released into the air when the candle is lit and the CBD candle wax begins to melt. Once in the air, you can passively absorb the CBD content, as well as the other therapeutic ingredients. There are many CBD candle benefits, including their ease of use, calming effects, and stylish design. Our CBD candles come in simple glass holders that allow them to easily fit into any home decor style. Essentially, CBD candles are a mix between a personal wellness product and a home decor product. A CBD candle can provide a perfect dose of relaxation for your home.

CBD candles are a lesser known CBD product, so you may find yourself wondering how they work. They differ from other products as they are not applied to the body or ingested in the traditional sense. Instead, CBD infused candles offer a passive absorption method. This is a calm, therapeutic, and soothing way to absorb some extra CBD. When the candle is lit and the CBD candle wax begins to melt, the CBD content and other therapeutic ingredients are released into the air. Once in the air, your body can begin to absorb these ingredients.

In addition to the absorption of CBD, these candles also offer enjoyable scents. These fragrances fill the room, which creates a relaxing environment. Our Lavender Spa candle produces a lavender, chamomile, and geranium aroma which is naturally soothing. Our Egyptian Amber candle combines the scents of Moroccan amber, vanilla, bitter orange, warming spices, and floral notes. This fragrance can be described as sultry, deep, warming, and calming.

If you need more information about how our CBD candles work, feel free to reach out for support. Our team of Simply Experts will be more than happy to answer your questions. You can also join our community support group on Facebook, run by our customers. It has over 48,000 members who frequently share their CBD advice, questions, and experiences.

As with any type of CBD product, it’s important to buy your CBD candle from a reputable seller. The best option is an online seller that provides complete transparency about their products. This includes areas like the ingredients, price per mg of CBD, and total CBD content. When you buy from a brick and mortar shop, this information may not be as readily available as it would be online. We also advise that you buy your CBD products, including candles, from a retailer that specialises in CBD. This is because they will have an acute awareness of the regulations around quality and safety. If a company is aware of the rules, it's more likely to adhere to them.

At Simply CBD, quality, accessibility, and support are our three main priorities. That’s why our candles are made with the highest quality ingredients. We offer them for the lowest price on the market to ensure anyone who wants to can access high quality CBD candles. Additionally, if you require any further support, we have multiple avenues for you to explore. You can reach out to our team of Simply Experts via live chat or email with any questions about our CBD candle range or any of our other products. Additionally, we offer a support group that our customers run. You can join this group to learn from more than 48,000 CBD users’ experiences and advice.

If you’re thinking of buying a CBD candle, you may be asking yourself ‘are CBD candles effective?’. The short answer is yes, CBD candles are effective in their own way. They don’t work in the same way as other CBD products, such as oils, gummies or patches. Oils absorb under the tongue, gummies are ingested, and patches absorb via the skin. In contrast, CBD candles offer a passive absorption method that takes little to no effort. Essentially, all you need to do to feel the effects of the candle is be in the same room as it while it’s burning. The therapeutic ingredients, including the CBD content, are released into the air and fill the room with calming aromas.

Our candles each contain 20mg of CBD. The amount of CBD being released into the air and then absorbed by your body depends on multiple factors. These include the size of the room, how close you are to the burning candle, and how long you leave it burning for. Candles are a great way to passively top up your CBD dose throughout the day. For example, you may wear patches as your main source of CBD. As you won’t need a new patch for up to 36 hours, candles can help keep your CBD levels topped up.

CBD candles work much in the same way as any other type of candle. The only difference is that along with the other calming ingredients and fragrances, they contain CBD content. These ingredients, including the CBD, are released into the air when the candle is lit and the CBD candle wax melts. CBD candle benefits include their ease of use and soothing aromas. A CBD candle serves as an alternative CBD product that can be used on its own or in conjunction with other products.

Candles can help bring the feeling of being at the spa into your home. They fill the room with beautiful scents and help you unwind. If you need some more moments of zen in your life, look no further than CBD candles. They are extremely low effort to use as they simply require you to place them in a safe spot and light the wick. Once that’s done, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy.

If you’re looking for further information about how our candles work, please do reach out for support. Our team of Simply Experts are always happy to answer your questions. You can also choose to join our community support group which is run by our lovely customers. This group now has over 48,000 members sharing their advice, questions, and experiences regarding Simply CBD products.