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How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

How Long Does CBD Take to Work?


Many people across the globe experience various desired benefits when using CBD products such as CBD Gummies. Due to the recent explosion in CBD’s popularity, a wide variety of CBD products are available in the UK, with various methods of making CBD. This allows people to use CBD in a way that works for their specific needs and preferences. CBD has many uses, and the rate at which people see results differs from person to person.

How long does it take for CBD to start working?

This is a common question, as those who are new to taking CBD often begin to worry when they don't see any beneficial effects immediately. As with any type of supplement, it can take a while for the body to respond to the CBD.

CBD experts suggest that perseverance and consistency are key factors when using CBD. This is because while some people may begin to feel the benefits within a few hours, others can find that it takes days or weeks to see any benefits or changes attributed to taking CBD. How long CBD takes to work is entirely dependent on the individual and the dosage.

CBD products can widely vary in strength and CBD content, so it’s important to choose a suitable product. When integrating CBD into daily life, it can be beneficial to gradually adjust the dosage over time to find the appropriate balance. It’s typically advisable to allow around 6-8 weeks for the products to begin working, as this gives the body and brain some time to recognise and react to the CBD entering the system.

There’s a common misconception that jumping straight into using a stronger product means it will work faster and better. This is not true, as each individual's perfect dosage is unique. It’s essential to start low and slowly grow to find the right balance. This allows the endocannabinoid system to slowly build up and helps users find their sweet spot. The endocannabinoid system works on a bell curve and taking too much at once can cause users to overload and go over the curve, which can result in the opposite of the desired results.



How do different CBD products absorb into the body?

The desired benefits of taking CBD are unique for every person, and the same applies to selecting the most suitable usage method. Choosing the most appropriate product often depends on personal preferences. For example, some people only use oils, while others may find patches more convenient. While many CBD products aim to produce similar benefits, the ways in which they absorb into the body can differ.

When using a CBD vaporiser to ingest CBD, it can enter the bloodstream directly from the lungs. In contrast, topical treatments don’t enter the bloodstream at all and remain in the skin. 

When taking CBD oil under the tongue, the process of holding the drops in that area for two minutes allows the product to bypass digestion and absorb into the bloodstream via thin mucous membranes. CBD edibles are absorbed via digestion as the product is partially metabolised by the liver before entering the bloodstream. 

Understanding the differences in absorption methods can help users identify the most suitable products for their needs. However, the rate at which people can expect to see results still depends on the body’s response to the CBD. 


How long do the effects of CBD typically last?

The amount of time that CBD effects last can range between products and between users. Many people notice that the desired benefits of CBD oil start to fade after around 6 hours. Again, this depends on how fast the body absorbs the CBD. This means that for some, the benefits may not last the whole 6 hours, while others could feel positive effects for longer.

When using CBD, it’s essential to remember that not all CBD products are made the same, and as such, the results will vary from brand to brand, and product to product. For example, our CBD patches are designed to ensure that the available CBD absorbs into the body for 12 to 36 hours. The exact length of time that this takes depends on the person using them. 

It’s helpful to understand approximately how long the effects are likely to last when searching for suitable products or aiming to make dosage and frequency adjustments.


How can I find the right balance for me?

Ultimately, taking CBD is a trial and error process to find the right product profile, type of ingestion, dosage amount, and usage frequency for your individual needs. This means that perseverance and support are essential factors when aiming to achieve your desired benefits from using CBD products.

Simply CBD focuses on customer support in this area as it’s important to help guide you through the process of building up. We provide support through many channels, and the members of our Facebook community group, which our customers run, are always available to discuss specific needs and share from their own experiences. There are over 46,000 members, so it’s likely that there’s someone in the group who uses CBD for the same reasons as you and can help guide you on your journey.