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Lab Reports

When you're looking to start taking CBD products, it's important to know what you're consuming.


Our commitment has always been to provide the best quality product to our customers and be a responsible leader within the CBD industry. To ensure we maintain the highest level of standards, it is important that we regularly have our products lab-tested to ensure the integrity of our products.

That way you can rest assured that when you choose Simply CBD, you have the comfort of knowing you're receiving the highest quality product available today.


Our Lab Reports:

 Name Type Link
Green 2.5% Oil View
Liquid Gold 2% Oil View
Light 2.1% Oil View
Sunset 4.7& Oil View
Blue 5% Oil View
Red 8% Oil View
Black 10% Oil View
Platinum 20% Oil View
CBG 3% Oil View
Aqua 3.2% Water Soluble View
Aqua 4.4% Water Soluble View
25mg Gummies Gummies View
30mg SoftGels Capsules View