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What is Full Spectrum CBD?

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD differs from other products on the market as it contains all of the different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

The CBD industry is an emerging market, meaning you'll find all sorts of different products available to purchase. It's easy to assume that all CBD products, such as CBD oil, are the same. After all, how can you see significant differences in something that seemingly contains the same ingredients? Well, there are plenty of varieties based on the things included in your CBD product. Most notably, you will come across things advertised as 'full-spectrum CBD.' 

What is full-spectrum CBD (we also cover how CBD tastes in another article), and how does it differ from other products on the market right now? Let's find out.

What is full-spectrum CBD?

Firstly, what is CBD? As a brief explanation, it's one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. These compounds are called cannabinoids, and there are over 100 of them in total. CBD is the most commonly known, along with THC (the compound that causes psychoactive effects). 

So, where does full-spectrum CBD fall into things? In essence, it relates to products that contain CBD, along with all the other cannabinoids found in cannabis. Of course, it still has to fall within the government regulations for CBD products, meaning it can't contain more than a certain amount of THC. 

How does full-spectrum CBD differ from other products?

Typically, most CBD products fall under the category of CBD-isolate. This means they only contain CBD as the main active ingredient. You can also get some broad-spectrum CBD products, but these contain a selection of other cannabinoids. So, the key difference is that a full-spectrum product contains everything, without leaving anything out when extracting from the cannabis plant. 

What are the potential benefits of full-spectrum CBD products?

Why would you want a full-spectrum product over another type? Well, it's believed that these products present enhanced benefits because more cannabinoids are present. Some research indicates that full-spectrum CBD improves these benefits because all the additional compounds work together inside the body.

Moving aside from any benefits, full-spectrum CBD is advantageous due to its naturalness. With CBD-isolate, the product has to be carefully extracted from the plant, ensuring no other cannabinoids are present. Some believe that the full-spectrum variant is more natural as less processing is involved and you receive all the nutrients and vitamins that the plant provides. You can also view our article with our latest customer satisfaction results.