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CBD patches are very easy to use. Besides, the available CBD is absorbed by the body for at least 12 and a maximum of 36 hours! You'll no longer have to try to remember to take a new dose of CBD oil, all the while the CBD is delivered throughout the day. The high bioavailability of transdermal CBD ensures a high efficacy and great results with these topical patches. CBD topical patches by Simply CBD are transparent with a coloured grid, so they don't stand out.



What Are CBD Patches?

CBD patches are an alternative method of using, as opposed to oral products. Like other patches, these can be used by applying them to the skin. They have greater bioavailability than other products as they should be left on the skin, and therefore the product works for a long period of time.

These particular CBD oil patch contain organically cultivated hemp and 0% THC.

Our pack of CBD patches contains 30 in total, and come in an option of 15mg or 30mg per patch. The dose provided is ideal for anyone starting out with CBD use as well as regular users. Should a user wish to obtain a stronger dose, two patches can be used at a time. Only one patch is needed peruse, which will ensure that your pack of CBD patches will be worth the money.


The Benefits Of CBD Patches

As mentioned, there are many uses, which can be obtained through patches. In fact, using patches can offer more bonuses in comparison to other CBD products.

More on the benefits of CBD oil patches to follow:


Easy to apply

A CBD oil patch can be as easy to apply as plaster or sticker. Like a plaster, you can either simply place it on the affected area or on a hairless spot on your upper arm. Anywhere with minimal hair will give the patch a better and longer-lasting grip.

The reason for applying a patch to an affected area (such as an inflamed knee) is because CBD works with the endocannabinoid system. There is a periphery endocannabinoid system located under the skin, which is ideal for a skin patch to connect to and work with. For instance, if you have hurt your knee due to an accident and feel pain, you can apply the patch to the area.


High bioavailability

CBD patches offer high bioavailability thanks to their long-lasting use. For instance, you can apply a patch to the area, or your arm, and can only be left for up to 36 hours and remove the patch thereafter, or until it falls off. 

Containing 15 mg, they can offer up to 36 hours of effects. Most people would remove them between washing. Yet, if you are careful you can leave it on and obtain the effects for a maximum of 36 hours. 


No interactions with medication use

A natural compound that doesn’t interfere with medications or other existing health conditions. Therefore, it is safe for anyone to use it with the advice of a doctor. You must be over 18 years old to use it.

Nonetheless, you can use it without having to have gaps in between your medication. You won’t have to take it off or time the use of the patch when taking your medication.



The CBD patches are waterproof, which is ideal for those that do want to leave them on when washing. However, it is important not to scrub them as you will find they start to become loose.

Light water interactions will not move the patch or hinder its efficacy. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about wearing one when in the rain, pool, or shower.


Doesn’t affect your lifestyle

You won’t have to stop and think about taking the CBD as you will be wearing it on your affected area or your arm. As they are waterproof, you won’t have to worry about them falling off while you are working out or swimming. You won’t need to take them off for any reason other than to change them.

As the effects last up to 36 hours, you will need to change them after this period to continue obtaining the effects. 



CBD patches are transparent. Therefore, they are more discreet than skin-colored plaster. You won’t be able to notice that you are wearing one and neither will anybody else. 

This further proves that they will not interfere with your lifestyle as you won’t have to worry about them ruining your outfit. 


Delivers an accurate dose of CBD with each use

As each individual CBD oil patch contains 15 mg or 30mg, you will ensure to receive an accurate dose with every application.

When consuming CBD through an oil, in food, or using it in a skincare product, you might find it difficult leveraging how much you use. You might think you are using 15 mg but you might have used slightly less or more. Therefore, with CBD patches you can ensure to receive the right amount each time without having to think about it.


Easy absorption 

They offer easy absorption thanks to the natural warmth of the body. When activated and pressed onto the skin for five seconds, the CBD will slowly release into the bloodstream and start working.

More on how they are easily absorbed and how CBD works to follow.

Overall, they are highly effective and extremely practical. They are simple to use, offer long-lasting effects, and help you obtain the right dose of CBD with every use. You don’t have to worry about taking these alongside your medication as the patches will not interfere or interact. They will offer fast absorption so that you can obtain the effects in under half an hour.



Key Features

When shopping for CBD patches, you will want to quickly assess their key features to see if they are right for you and how they stand out among the rest.

To discover the key features, see below:

  • 30 patches in each pack: there are 30 patches in every pack. You will find five sheets inside and each sheet contains six patches. 
  • Each patch will offer the same CBD dose: you won’t have to worry about measuring the dose of CBD as the patches do it for you.
  • Quick to apply and work: simply press them onto the affected area or a hairless section of your upper arm for five seconds. The warmth of your body will activate the patch and help the CBD release through the skin and into the bloodstream to offer fast results.
  • Long-lasting results: you can enjoy the effects of the patches for up to 36 hours.
  • Contains 0% THC. Although THC isn’t a bad compound to consume, some people prefer not to consume it.
  • Organic. These patches are made using organically cultivated hemp.


How CBD Patches Work

As previously mentioned, CBD patches offer easy absorption. It does this by using the body’s natural warmth, which encourages the compounds of the CBD to release through the skin’s natural barrier and into the bloodstream.

The patches are transdermal, which helps them naturally filtrate through the skin and into your body to offer health effects. Once the patches are on and start to absorb into the skin, the CBD bypasses the lungs, liver, and stomach, and therefore goes straight into the bloodstream for quicker effects.

How CBD works when using patches is down to the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, which is located near the periphery of the skin.

Seeing as CBD contains cannabinoids, these interact with the endocannabinoid system. Within the body’s endocannabinoid system are cannabinoid receptors, whose purpose is to send signals to the brain.

Therefore, when the cannabinoids from the CBD interact with your body’s cannabinoids it can alter the release of other neurotransmitters. With your brain being the center of all interactions that occur in your body, the cannabinoids within the CBD can help to manage your brains signals.

Quick absorption and fast results are great features of CBD patches. It means that users may be able to enjoy the effects as soon as possible with minimal effort. However, it is important to know that effects might not be instant for new users/ You don’t need to do anything to speed up the results as they will already be fast and seamless. Make sure to press them onto the skin so that they adhere well and activate quickly using your body heat.


How Are CBD Patches Made?

Speaking of how the CBD patches are made, it will interest some as to how they are created and made so effectively.

Firstly, CBD is derived from hemp leaves and hemp plants. In particular, these CBD patches are made using organic hemp plants. The first step is to use CO2 to extract the CBD from the leaves and plants.

Organic extraction is then used. The decarboxylation process removes the CBD compounds from the extracted goods, which are then purified in a lab.

Before the CBD patches are made, the CBD that will be used on them is lab-tested. This is to make sure that the compound is pure, effective, and contains zero concentration of THC or other compounds. Then, the CBD is added to the patches and packaged safely for your use.

How To Use Our CBD Patches

Understanding how CBD patches work, their benefits, and their key features, you will likely want to use them for yourself.

As stated, CBD patches are incredibly simple to use. There are several versions of patches on the market. As reviewed by our customers, ours are straightforward and easy to use. Some patches last 24 hours, while ours last up to 36 hours.

To use them, simply detach one from the sheet and locate where you want to place it (we recommend to try a few different placements to see what works best). The area should be clean and free of hair (if possible). You can place them on the affected area or your upper arm. They are transparent so you will hardly be able to notice it once it is on.

When you have chosen the area, place the CBD patch down and lightly press on it for five seconds. It will quickly adhere and activate through the body’s natural heat. It’s important to note that when you first start taking CBD, each individual will respond differently and therefore it can take a number of weeks until you start to feel the effects of CD due to the body receptors “waking up”.


In summary 

To summarize and round up the use, benefits, and suitability of CBD patches, they are a great option for those looking for an easy, natural, and effective method of using CBD. Using CBD patches are easy, as reviewed by our customers, and may aid in managing ailments, as suggested by studies.

With our CBD patches, you can ensure to obtain the accurate amount of CBD with every patch. Results can last up to 36 hours. CBD can be used daily, so you can use the box of 30 patches as you wish.