Simply CBD is a range of lab tested and certified CBD products that have been hand chosen for their CBD content. Enter the world of CBD and you easily get lost in the clever marketing and expensive array of products. Some companies bamboozle with smoke and mirrors on product content. At Simply CBD we tell you up front and all our products are THE lowest prices in the UK market. This is because rather than a low grade product at a high price, we believe people should be offered a high grade product at a low price.

ALL our oils are full spectrum and CO2 extracted so contain a whole array of necessary cannabinoids and all extracted from Organic Dutch high grade Cannabis.

We often get asked why we are so much cheaper than our competitors. In fact we are the cheapest in Britain which was our intention. Basically, we don’t have fancy boxes, no expensive office rentals, we don’t have shareholders or investors, and we don’t have overpaid management with large bonus requirements. What we do have, is one of the best oils in the UK, at an affordable price, so everyone can have a go at attaining the health and wellbeing they deserve.

Currently nestled in the stunning Forest of Dean we run a registered animal shelter for sick and disabled dogs. ALL profits from the sales of CBD will go “Simply” to the building of the UK’s first Holistic run free dog shelter in rural Wales.

EVERY single penny of profit, and we mean 100% of all profits, go to the dog charity with one purpose in life www.huckleberryfarm.co.uk. We WILL be building one of the largest run free holistic animal shelters in the UK, and this was the main purpose of Simply CBD.

If you would like to know much more about who we are, where we are coming from, our morals and business ethics, and of course our long terms dreams, please click here