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CBG Oil with CBD and CBDa - 3% Strength (20ml)

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Looking to buy CBG Oil? Containing a high concentration of CBG, our CBG Oil UK is a triple mix of CBG, CBD and CBDa. It will give you all the benefits of the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant, but without the psychotropic effect.

Naturally flavoured, it has a pleasant vegetable, spicy taste and is designed to be taken under the tongue. As well as containing Full Spectrum CBD, this product allows for increased absorption so that you get maximum benefit.

This CBG Oil UK is a medium strength product, delivering 2.0mg of CBG per drop. It’s ideal for regular CBD users and perfect for those who want to combine the added benefits of CBG.


What is CBG?

One of the essential cannabinoids, CBG, is sometimes referred to as the ‘stem cell’ of the plant. Specialists around the globe are studying its benefits.

As the plant matures, CBG is converted by plant enzymes into other cannabinoids such as CBDa and CBD. Ordinarily, very little CBG is extracted from plants. However, scientists have discovered that if plants are harvested early, higher amounts of CBG can be preserved in the resulting oils.

Both CBG Oil and CBD are non-psychoactive cannabinoids and, whilst some of the effects they produce in the body are similar, research has shown that CBG does seem to create some different benefits.

Our Cannabigerol Oil is an excellent choice for regular CBD users who want to harness these additional benefits of CBG.


Why is Full Spectrum CBD so good?

Using Full Spectrum CBD, you will benefit from the complete range of the hemp plant’s natural cannabinoids and terpenes. Because of this, Full Spectrum CBD & CBG may produce a more potent effect than CBD isolate.

CBD terpenes are natural compounds found in the flowers and buds of flowers. While the terpenes themselves, such as Linalool and Limonene, are thought to have their therapeutic effects, their presence can also indicate a less processed CBD oil.


What is the Entourage effect?

Mainly associated with Broad and Full Spectrum CBD & CBG oils, the Entourage Effect refers to different cannabinoids working together in synergy. 

It is thought that the cannabinoids in a Full Spectrum CBD oil such as CBDa and CBG Oil UK will work together, creating an effect that can be more significant than any of the active ingredients can make on their own.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

Made from organically grown and refined ingredients, this Cannabigerol CBG oil is made with a base of Hemp oil (Hemp oil First Pressing 50%, Hempseed Oil 50%) which has its associated health benefits.

A rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp seed oil, comes from the seeds of the plant. 

A highly nutritious oil, it’s believed to be particularly beneficial for skin health, and its high concentration of alpha-linolenic acid is thought to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Type of Oil: Full Spectrum CBG
Carrier: Hemp Oil
Strength: 3.00% (Medium)
MG Per Drop: 2.00mg
Avg Drops Per 10ml: 200
CBG / CBD / CBDa Split: 40% / 40% / 20%
Price Per MG: £0.04
Tastes Like: Vegetable, Spicy
Ingredients: Hemp oil First Pressing (50%) & Hempseed Oil (50%)



  • Don't exceed the recommended dose
  • Keep out of children's reach
  • Store at room temperature and away from sunlight
  • Will stain fabrics and surfaces
  • Don't use when pregnant or breastfeeding

Please note that we take great care to provide all the relevant information regarding our products. If you find you have a question, please contact us.

"Start low and slowly grow" is the key to starting your CBD journey. This will allow you to slowly build up your endocannabinoid system and fully realise your sweet spot. Your endocannabinoid system works on a bell curve and if you take too much at once then you can go over the curve and overload which could result in having the opposite effect of what you're hoping to achieve.

This is a rough guide only as each of us is different and unique. A slow approach may be more beneficial to you and increase fortnightly instead. The time frames below are examples, but a good guide to how dosing is recommended.


Week 1
1 drop three times a day
Week 2 2 drops three times a day
Week 3 3 drops three times a day
Week 4 4 drops three times a day
Week 5

5 drops three times a day


Once you have found a suitable level, you should maintain and not increase your intake levels.

Should you have any questions, we have a Facebook community group with frequent CBD users who can help.

Choosing to start a subscription means that you will never run out of CBD or forget to place your next order.

Using our subscription service makes sense if you have a regular use product.

Some great benefits of using our subscriptions include:

  • 10% off all subscriptions (15% with bundles)
  • You set the frequency from the available selections
  • You can manage your subscription from our account area
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Please note the following:

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  • When using subscriptions, a minimum of two orders must be placed (including the initial order) before it can be cancelled.

Frequently asked questions

CBG is short for cannabigerol, and is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It’s less prevalent within the plant compared to other cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. CBG is usually extracted from younger cannabis plants as its concentration is higher than in fully grown plants. It is considered the ‘mother of all cannabinoids’ or the ‘stem cell’ of the cannabis plant. This is because it’s where most cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDa, and THC originate from. As the plant matures and grows, CBGA (the acidic form of CBG) is converted by enzymes. This process turns it into the many other cannabinoids present in plants from the cannabis family. Global experts are still studying the ways this compound interacts with the body.

Like CBD, CBG is non-intoxicating. This means that it will never cause you to feel a ‘high’ sensation. Unlike CBD, CBG is able to bind to endocannabinoid receptors. This is how it’s believed to produce its impressive benefits. CBD works in a different way. Instead of binding to receptors, it prevents the breakdown of endocannabinoids. Therefore, CBG is similar to CBD in that it’s non-intoxicating, and similar to THC in that it can bind to endocannabinoid receptors.

Everyone’s experience with CBG is different. It entirely depends on each individual’s unique response to it entering the system. As with other cannabinoids, CBG is able to interact with the endocannabinoid system. This is due to the similarity between endocannabinoids (produced by the body) and cannabinoids (produced by the cannabis plant).

Evidence suggests that the endocannabinoid system plays a role in regulating a variety of bodily functions. These include mood, sleep, and digestion, among various others. The human body creates endocannabinoids which bind to different receptors. This signals that there’s a required action. This could be a response to pain, stress, or anything else that throws off the body’s homeostasis. When a body is in homeostasis, this means that everything this working properly. It also indicates that there are no major issues to address, such as inflammation.

Different cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system’s receptors in different ways. For example, CBD is thought to prevent the breakdown of endocannabinoids, while THC binds to receptors. While CBG is similar to CBD in that it doesn’t cause any intoxicating effects, it’s also similar to THC in that it binds to endocannabinoid receptors. This leads some people to believe that CBG has the potential for increased efficacy.

As with any consumable product, it’s important to know the expiration date of CBG oil before you purchase it. Our CBG oils typically last for a year after purchase. This means you have a full 12 months to enjoy your oil product before it expires. However, it’s important to check the exact expiration date on the packaging of your chosen product so you know exactly how long it will last. If you can’t find this information or need further clarification about how to determine your product’s expiration date, please reach out to us.

Storing your CBG oil properly is crucial. It ensures that the oil keeps its quality until its expiration date. We recommend storing your oil in a cool, dry place. The key is to keep it away from direct sunlight. You should also avoid exposing your CBG oil to extreme temperatures, such as in the freezer. Room temperature is always best for CBG oils. Most CBG users store their oils on a shelf or in a cupboard in a cool room. For further advice in this area, please feel free to contact our friendly team of Simply Experts. You can also choose to join our community support group on Facebook which is run by 48,000 of our lovely customers. Whichever support avenue you choose, someone will be more than happy to help.

Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the cannabinoids and plant compounds that naturally occur in hemp plants. This type of CBD is considered to be more potent than CBD isolate because it can create the entourage effect. This is what occurs when all of the compounds and cannabinoids are able to work together.

Full-spectrum CBD contains a rich blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, including CBG. It even includes trace amounts of minerals and vitamins. CBD is the prominent cannabinoid found in most full-spectrum CBD, but there are also several minor ones, including CBC and CBN. You’ll also find terpenes like myrcene. This is a compound that is also found in plants like thyme and lemongrass, the latter being a plant used in traditional folk remedies for centuries. When cannabinoids like CBD interact with terpenes like myrcene, the properties are amplified. In the case of myrcene, it offers anti-inflammatory properties.

Full-spectrum products also contain flavonoids. Flavonoids are components found in many plants, fruits, and vegetables. They are naturally abundant in antioxidant activity. The role of flavonoids is to help regulate cellular activity in the body, protecting it against everyday toxins and stressors. Some of the flavonoids found in full-spectrum products include orientin, quercetin, silymarin and kaempferol.

One question you might have about full-spectrum CBG oil is whether it contains THC. In case you don’t know, THC is a cannabis compound that can cause a ‘high’ sensation. CBG oil only contains trace amounts (less than 0.2%) of THC at most. These trace amounts are not enough to ever cause a ‘high’, but enough to contribute to the entourage effect.

The entourage effect refers to the theory that cannabinoids and other plant compounds from the cannabis plant family are more effective when they work together than when they’re isolated. For instance, think of each cannabinoid and compound as a member of a large team. Logically, the team is able to be more effective and accomplish more when each member works together. This is especially true in comparison with what one member would be able to accomplish on their own.

The concept of the entourage effect was first introduced in the late 1990s. A paper written by two scientists named Raphael Mechoulam and Shimon Ben-Shabat discusses what they described as the entourage effect. In their paper, Mechoulam and Ben-Shabat wrote that science has yet to establish the exact role of all compounds found in cannabis. However, they believe that the compounds work better together than in isolation.

One scientific example to prove Mechoulam and Ben-Shabat’s point is Marinol. This is a synthetic version of THC that was developed in the mid-1980s. Scientists were baffled that Marinol didn’t possess the same levels of benefits or results as THC found in cannabis. The reason for this was simple: Marinol does not contain any cannabis compounds. In short, Marinol only has limited benefit as it’s the synthetic equivalent of THC isolate. The same concept applies to CBD, CBG, CBN, and all other cannabinoids.

Hemp seed oil is a widely used product that comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. It’s very rich in nutrients and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, it’s included in various skin care products and is also used in cooking. Hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, which are essential to consume as our bodies can’t produce them. It also contains plenty of antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Due to its high concentration of alpha-linolenic acid, hemp seed oil is thought to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. As this type of oil is very rich in nutrients, it can also help contribute to improved skin health and a reduction of various skin condition symptoms.

Although they come from the same plant, hemp oil is not the same as CBG and CBD oil. Instead, hemp oil can serve as a base for these oils. CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoid extracts come from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant. In contrast, hemp oil comes from the seeds, where there is little to no cannabinoid content. Mixing the two allows you to combine the impressive effects of hemp oil and cannabinoids in one product.

CBG is known as the ‘mother of all cannabinoids’, and the ‘stem cell’ of the hemp plant. This is because many cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, and CBDa originate from it. As the hemp plant develops and grows, CBGA (the acidic form of CBG) is converted into other cannabinoids by plant enzymes. As a result, CBG is typically harvested from younger plants. There is a much lower concentration of CBG the more the plant grows.

Due to the limited amount of CBG in fully developed plants, it can be difficult and expensive for CBD and CBG brands to produce CBG products. This has led to experimental cross-breeding and the exploration of CBG rich strains of cannabis. Various other types of scientific research into simplifying the extraction of CBG is also underway. This is largely because CBD and CBG brands are keen to offer more products. CBG's increased demand and the many experiments in this area makes it likely that experts will soon be able to make CBG more readily available.

Despite the difficulties and cost of producing high quality CBG oil, we still offer it at market-leading prices. One of our main core values is accessibility, so we always make sure our products are as affordable as they are effective.

CBDa is short for cannabidiolic acid. Like CBG and CBD, CBDa is another of over 100 cannabinoids that naturally occur in plants from the cannabis family. CBG and its acidic form, CBGa, are known as the 'stem cell' of the cannabis plant. CBG is also referred to as the ‘mother of all cannabinoids’. As the plant grows and develops, CBDa is formed from CBGa as a result of enzymatic reactions. CBDa is the acidic precursor compound to CBD. During a process called thermal decarboxylation, exposure to heat transforms CBDa into CBD. In terms of how it works, CBDa is thought to interact with COX-2 enzymes in the body, which have a direct relation to inflammation.

The reason we include CBD and CBDa in our CBG oil is to allow the entourage effect to occur. The oil has plenty of terpenes and flavonoids, as they add to this effect and provide users with additional benefits. The entourage effect occurs when multiple cannabinoids work together in the body. The theory is that the combination of cannabinoids and plant compounds allows for well-rounded results. This is especially true when compared to isolate products. They only contain one cannabinoid and no terpenes or flavonoids. While these products are still effective, full spectrum oils, like our CBG oil with CBD and CBDa, offer more diverse benefits.

If you’re brand new to using CBG products, we recommend starting with a one-time purchase of the oil so you can try it out. Once you decide that you’d like to continue using it on a regular basis, it makes sense to set up a subscription. We offer multiple options so you can have your favourite products arrive at the perfect time. You can choose to receive them every one, two, or three months, depending on how quickly you’re likely to run out. After you’ve set up your subscription, you never need to lift a finger to receive your CBG and CBD products.

In addition to the convenience of subscriptions, they also save you money on each purchase. If you choose to subscribe to a single product, such as our CBG Oil, you’ll save 10% on each order after your initial purchase. If you choose to subscribe to one of our bundles, you’ll save 15% on all orders after your initial purchase. When you’re using products regularly, it makes sense to save time and money with a subscription. You can even choose the date you want to receive them to suit your routine. For example, some users like to schedule their subscriptions for shortly after their payday.

Start low and slowly grow is the key to starting your CBG journey, much the same as CBD. This will allow you to slowly build up your endocannabinoid system and find your sweet spot, which is the dose that fits your needs. Your endocannabinoid system is what allows your body to interact with cannabinoids like CBG and CBD. It works on a bell curve, which means that if you take too much at once, you can go over the curve and overload. This could have the opposite effect of what you're hoping to achieve.

CBG oil should be taken under the tongue and held there for two minutes before being washed down with a glass of water. Start by taking one drop under the tongue three times a day and increasing by one drop per interval each week. For example, on week two, you would take two drops three times per day. Space out your doses throughout the day by taking them morning, noon, and night. You can follow this system until you begin to feel your desired benefits. At this point, stick with the dose you’re on and remain consistent with how frequently you take it.

Rest assured, we’re here to support and guide you as you build up your dose amounts. Our aim is always to help you get to the desired benefit stage. We want to ensure you’re able to find the best CBG oil dose for your needs. Feel free to reach out to our Simply Experts via email or Live Chat if you need guidance. You can also ask any questions you have in our community support group on Facebook. It's run by over 48,000 of our lovely customers.