Who are Simply CBD & K9 Rescue?

Who are Simply CBD and K9 Rescue?

We have been rescuing dogs since 2006 and a fully registered UK charity since 2012. In this time we have rescued and rehomed over a thousand dogs and NOT ONCE had one put to sleep. In our shelter in the Forest of Dean we currently have four wheelchair bound dogs, who, forgetting their disability, still enjoy a full quality of life.

We lived for 6 years in Bulgaria where we started the rescue in order to help the millions of in country street dogs get a better life. We still maintain our links in Bulgaria with numerous shelters and volunteers and now work with other shelters in Romania, Macedonia, and Spain. In the UK we currently have around 70 dogs in foster homes awaiting permanent forever homes.

As we are a holistic dog charity the transition to raw feeding was inevitable, and what started as for our shelter and foster dogs only, has now turned into a full time raw food business www.k9raw.co.uk . We have very strong local connections with holistic vets, and many many alternative holistic therapists.

This growth in our holistic credentials then led us to the world of CBD. I don’t have to explain the wonders and benefits of CBD as a supplement for health and wellbeing. I am also a moderator on numerous very large CBD Facebook forums where CBD advice is willingly given on the health benefits of the oil.This advice is given freely and from the heart and hopefully we have helped many people onto the road to a better life.

The world of CBD in the UK is going through the roof and this in itself brings a very wide priced market, from the expensive, to the affordable. It is sad to see such a wonderful product being abused on price, especially from a lot of American imports.

Luckily in the UK we have the CTAUK (Cannabis Traders Association UK) who are the regulator of the industry and to whom we are very proud to be a member of. They ensure that all their members offer a safe, tested, and pure product to the market place. Unfortunately, price regulation is outside their remit and members do have a vast array of pricing structures.

Simply CBD are proud to say that “at the moment” we are the most cost effective CBD Oil in the UK.

We have partnered with the fourth biggest CBD producer in the whole of Europe, who make some of the best quality full extract CBD products on the market. We emphasise “Full Extract” because it is now widely accepted, and scientifically proven, that full extract CBD is a much better option for users than products made with just CBD isolate or crystals.

So that’s it. We sell CBD of top lab tested quality, the same as everyone else, the difference is, we are the cheapest quality product in the UK.

If you are going to buy from us then we welcome you on this journey of discovery. A journey that hopefully will help you and your loved ones. A journey that we hope will inevitably lead to our dream run free shelter.

Thanks for reading this long blurb and we hope to see you soon


Brian and Michelle at K9 Rescue xxx