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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Vape Liquids

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Vape Liquids

Every CBD user has their own favourite way of using CBD. For some, the traditional oil route is the best option. Others prefer patches for their convenience and long-lasting effects. Some users also enjoy using CBD vape liquids, either on their own or in conjunction with other products. Before using CBD vape liquids, it’s important to learn as much as possible about them, such as how they absorb and whether they interact with medications and supplements. 


What are CBD vape liquids?

CBD vape liquids offer an alternative way to ingest CBD. Users can add CBD vape liquids to any vaping device that is designed for use with e-liquids. Using this device, they can inhale CBD-infused vapour. Many users enjoy this method of taking CBD as vape liquids come in a variety of delicious flavours. For example, at Simply CBD, we offer Tutti Frutti, Minty Menthol, and Cherry Licious. Others simply prefer the process of vaping over other methods, such as sublingual drops. 


Why do Simply CBD’s vape liquids also include CBG?

At Simply CBD, our vape liquids contain both CBD and CBG. The latter is short for cannabigerol, which is another important cannabinoid from the hemp plant. While it is lesser known in comparison with CBD, it has been nicknamed the ‘stem cell’ of the hemp plant. Others call it ‘the mother of all cannabinoids’, as other cannabinoids like CBD form from it as it degrades. We include this cannabinoid in our CBD vape liquids for additional benefits and cannabinoid content. The ratio is 80% CBD to 20% CBG. It’s believed that cannabinoids can be more effective when they work together in comparison with when they’re isolated. This is why many users prefer broad and full spectrum products over isolate options. 


How do CBD vape liquids absorb?

CBD vape liquids have their own way of absorbing into the bloodstream which differs from all other types of CBD products. When a user inhales vapour from their device, the available CBD content absorbs directly via the lungs into the bloodstream. Once it reaches the bloodstream, it can then go on to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

The ECS is the reason the body is able to interact with cannabinoids, and each cannabinoid plays its own role. For example, when using our vape liquids, users will inhale both CBD and CBG. CBD is thought to prevent enzymes from breaking down endocannabinoids so they can be more effective at responding to issues that disturb the body’s state of homeostasis. In contrast, CBG binds to receptors in the central and peripheral nervous systems in the same way as endocannabinoids do when they need to initiate a response to a problem in the body. 


Is it okay to use CBD vape liquids with other CBD products?

While some users prefer to use CBD vape liquids on their own, it’s completely safe to use them in conjunction with other CBD products. For example, some users wear a CBD patch throughout the day and use vape liquids as a top up when needed. Others may take sublingual drops or tablets in the morning and then use vape liquids throughout the day. 

The main factor that needs to be taken into consideration when mixing CBD vape liquids with other CBD products is the total amount of CBD that is being consumed within 24 hours. UK safety guidelines state that users should consume no more than 70mg of CBD per day. If a user is taking high strength CBD products, they may need to be careful when using vape liquids to stay within this limit. However, the good news is that our CBD vape liquids are low strength and offer a subtle top up dose. This helps allow users on high doses of other CBD products to safely enjoy the benefits of CBD vape liquids.  


Is it okay to use CBD vape liquids with medications and supplements?

Research into the topic of CBD’s interactions with medications and supplements is still in its infancy. However, some studies show that certain CBD products can interact with and may impact the effectiveness of certain medications and supplements. CBD vape liquids happen to be one of the few products that this does not apply to. 

In addition to CBD patches, CBD vape liquids can be used at the same time as a user’s medications or supplements. This is because these products never enter the digestive tract and are not partially metabolised by the liver, meaning they don’t have to compete or interact with medications and supplements that are being digested. In contrast, other products such as oils and capsules require a two-hour gap between medication doses, and a four-hour gap for anything that is contra-indicated with grapefruit. This is one of the reasons why many users find CBD vape liquids to be a convenient option for topping up their CBD dose. 



How do CBD vape liquids differ from other CBD products?

In addition to the fact that they can be used at the same time as medications and supplements, CBD vape liquids are unique from other CBD products in a variety of ways. For example, at Simply CBD, our vape liquids are considered broad spectrum as they contain CBD and CBG. All of our other products are either isolate, meaning they only contain CBD, or full spectrum, meaning they contain a wide range of other cannabinoids and plant compounds. The way they absorb is also different, as no other type of CBD product absorbs into the bloodstream via the lungs. Additionally, although some people solely use CBD vape liquids, they are more commonly used as a top up for other types of products like oils and gummies


Where is the best place to buy CBD vape liquids?

When looking to buy CBD vape liquids, users have an increasing number of options. They are available both online and in brick and mortar shops, although we advise avoiding the latter option. This is because online retailers typically provide much more detailed information about their products, and are better equipped to guide users on their journey. Most shops selling CBD vape liquids are much more focused on nicotine vape liquids, which means the employees may not be as knowledgeable about CBD and what may be best for each individual. Online CBD retailers are focused solely on CBD and can provide much more in depth advice.

In-person shopping also forces users to rely on the information provided on the label. In contrast, reliable online retailers provide much more information, such as lab reports, verified customer reviews, and answers to FAQs. Lab reports can help users confirm the legitimacy of the product, and ensure they’re getting what is being advertised. Any online retailer that doesn’t provide public lab reports should be avoided. Customer reviews and FAQs can help users determine whether a product is right for them and if the brand selling it is reliable. Online shopping also allows consumers to compare value for money across brands. 

At Simply CBD, we provide all of this information and have Simply Experts on standby in our Live Chat who are always happy to help. Additionally, we offer an online support group via Facebook, which now has over 47,000 members. It’s run by our customers who frequently use our products, so they’re in a great position to offer advice. 


Key takeaways

Here are the key points to remember about CBD vape liquids:

  • CBD vape liquids can be used in any device that is designed for use with e-liquids.
  • At Simply CBD, our vape liquids are broad spectrum as they also include CBG.
  • Unlike other products, CBD vape liquids absorb directly into the bloodstream via the lungs.
  • It’s completely safe and very common to use CBD vape liquids in conjunction with other CBD products.
  • CBD vape liquids are one of the few CBD products that can be used without a gap between medications and supplements. 
  • They’re unique from other products in a variety of ways, including their absorption method, contents, and typical use. 
  • It’s best to buy CBD vape liquids from a reputable online retailer as they can provide more information and support than brick and mortar vape shops.