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How To Use Different Types of CBD Products

How To Use Different Types of CBD Products

There’s a wide range of different CBD products on the market, with new ones popping up all the time. While this is great for convenience and customisation, it can become confusing for new users. Even if a person only uses one type of CBD product, it’s worth understanding how they all work and how to use each one. This makes it easy for users to add new products to their routine or switch to a more suitable option. The right CBD product for each individual depends on their needs, preferences and reasons for using CBD. 




CBD oils are the most popular method of taking ingestible CBD. They’re simple to take and users can easily adjust their dose and usage frequently as necessary at any time.


Sublingual method

The most effective way to take CBD oil is the sublingual method. This involves taking the desired number of drops under the tongue and holding them there for two minutes. During this time, the available CBD absorbs into the bloodstream via thin mucous membranes, which allows it to avoid digestion. After two minutes have passed, users can wash the remaining oil down with a glass of water. The CBD can then travel throughout the bloodstream and interact with the endocannabinoid system to provide the desired benefits. 



Everyone reacts differently to CBD which means the ideal dose can vary greatly between individuals. However, for those who are about to use CBD for the first time, we always advise starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it over time as necessary. With CBD oil, it’s best to start with a dose of one drop three times per day. For example, a user may take the first drop when they wake up in the morning, the second around lunchtime, and the third before going to bed. 

To build up, users can add one drop per interval per week. For example, during the second week, a user would take two drops when they wake up, two around lunchtime, and two before going to bed. The sweet spot with CBD occurs when a user finds the dose that begins to provide them with their desired benefits. At this point, they should stop increasing their dose as too much can cause diminishing returns.

If a user reaches the eight-week mark of using CBD oil and is taking five drops three times per day with no benefits, a higher dose or a different type of product may be necessary. Our team of Simply Experts and the members of our User Support Group on Facebook are happy to assist users in finding the most effective and suitable products for their needs. 


Time between medications

While the research on this topic is still in its infancy, there’s some evidence to suggest that CBD may interact with and impact the effectiveness of certain medications. Therefore, we always advise leaving a two-hour gap between a user’s CBD dose and any other medications and supplements they take. If they take anything that is contra-indicated with grapefruit, a four-hour gap is advisable. 


Water-soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD is a relatively new and revolutionary way to take CBD. It’s one of the easiest products to include in any daily routine. 


Add to beverages or a nebuliser

Cannabinoids are naturally fat soluble, but when they’re turned into water-soluble compounds, they can be added to any hot or cold beverage. Many users include water soluble CBD in their morning coffee or juice and other beverages throughout the day. This option is perfect for those who enjoy the effects of CBD oils but don’t like the way they taste. Where appropriate, water-soluble CBD can be added to a nebuliser as this allows the CBD to be inhaled in a healthy and effective way. If desired, users can also take water soluble CBD sublingually. 

Water soluble CBD doesn’t need to be broken down by the body in the same way as fat-soluble products. It’s able to avoid the need for lipase, which breaks down fat in the gut and under the tongue. This means it’s easier for the body to absorb and can provide users with a higher bioavailability of CBD for the endocannabinoid system to interact with. 



For those who are just starting out with CBD, the start low and slowly grow rule also applies to this type of product. A good way to start is by adding 1 drop of water-soluble CBD to a jug of water, juice, or another beverage. Users can then split the contents of the jug into three drinks to enjoy throughout the day. This dose can be increased by one drop per week. As with regular oils, users should stop increasing their dose when they begin to feel the benefits. If the benefits don’t come after eight weeks and five drops per jug, a stronger product or dose may be required. 


Time between medications

As this product is an orally ingestible form of CBD, leaving adequate time between medications and supplements is still necessary. The standard two-hour gap for most medications and four-hour gap for anything that is contra-indicated with grapefruit should be followed. This is to ensure the safety of users and the efficacy of the CBD and any medications or supplements a user is taking. 



CBD patches are another relatively new form of CBD product that offers an easy ‘set it and forget it’ option. Their effects can last much longer than other types of CBD products because they absorb via the transdermal method. 


Transdermal method

CBD patches can be placed anywhere on the skin for targeted relief or general wellness support. Once placed on the skin, the available CBD is slowly released over a period of 12 to 36 hours. The term transdermal means to absorb into the bloodstream via the skin, which is exactly how CBD patches work. This means the available CBD is not broken down by the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream, allowing for high bioavailability and efficacy. 



Those who are new to CBD should always start with a lower-dose CBD patch. They can then move up to a higher dose patch if they find the lower dose does not provide their desired results. Once a user finds a dose that works for them, they should stop increasing it. The time it takes each patch to release all of its available CBD can vary between individuals, but it should fall between 12 to 36 hours. This means that users shouldn’t change their patch before the 12-hour mark, and should expect to need a new patch after 36 hours. 



CBD edibles are popular as they offer a precise CBD dose in the form of a tasty treat. The most common type of CBD edibles is fruit-flavoured gummies. 


Taking edibles

While edibles can come in many different forms, at Simply CBD, we offer CBD gummies. These come in various strengths and flavours, including apple and mango. Users can take gummies by eating them in the same way they would any type of snack, while keeping their dosage in mind. It’s important for users to stay well hydrated when using any form of CBD, so taking gummies with a full glass of water is advisable. After taking the gummy, it travels through the digestive system, leaving the remaining CBD content to enter the bloodstream and interact with the endocannabinoid system. 

Another way to enjoy edibles in different forms is by adding other types of CBD to food recipes. For example, we have a CBD-infused banana bread recipe on our blog page, as well as multiple other recipes across our social media pages. These provide users with alternative ways to take CBD while enjoying a delicious snack.



New users should start with a low dose gummy and slowly increase the amount they take over time. Some users choose to cut gummies in half so they can take a lower dose, which also provides even more value for money. Our lower dose edibles provide 10mg of CBD per gummy, while our higher dose option provides 25mg of CBD per gummy. When cut in half, users can enjoy a 5mg or 12.5mg gummy, which allows them to build up slowly between doses. 

The most beneficial dose differs between individuals, but it’s important to not take more than 70mg of CBD in a day to remain within the UK’s safety guidelines. In the interest of best results and value for money, users should stop increasing their dose when they start feeling results.


Time between medications

Edibles can make it easy for users to forget that they’re not just enjoying a delicious treat. It’s important to remember that they still count as a form of ingestible CBD and therefore require gaps between any medications or supplements a user takes. As with other types of oral CBD, this means a two-hour gap between medications and supplements and a four-hour gap between anything that is contra-indicated with grapefruit. 


Salves and balms

CBD salves and balms offer a way for users to achieve targeted relief. At Simply CBD, our muscle salve includes additional natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin, such as mint and rosemary. 


Targeted relief

Applying CBD muscle salves or balms involves rubbing the product into the affected area. In addition to the benefits of CBD, the action of rubbing the area stimulates blood flow and relief. The CBD content of the balm or salve does not enter the bloodstream, instead, it remains within the skin’s pores. There are endocannabinoid receptors within the pores, which allow these products to provide the benefits of CBD without it entering the bloodstream. 



It’s very difficult to determine an exact dose of balms or salves, but users can employ trial and error to find the best amount for them. However, we do provide different strengths and as with any CBD product, it’s best to start low and build up as necessary. As a general rule, we advise applying these products liberally and making sure they’re fully rubbed into the area of concern. As with any type of CBD product, using salves and balms regularly offers the best results. 


Nasal sprays

CBD nasal sprays are useful for people with seasonal allergies or chronic sinus conditions as they can provide fast targeted relief. They’re much less harsh than many over-the-counter nasal sprays and offer an alternative way to ingest CBD.


Using the nasal spray

Using a CBD nasal spray involves the same process as any other nasal spray. It’s important to shake it well before each use, and deliver one to two sprays in each nostril. Due to the fast absorption rate in the nasal passages, users can expect to feel relief in their sinuses within 5 minutes of using the spray. The CBD content then continues to interact with the endocannabinoid system after the initial relief. 


Our CBD nasal spray delivers 2mg of CBD per spray, and is an effective way for users to ingest their daily dose of CBD. People can use this product as desired throughout the day, but we recommend around two to three uses per day for best results. For example, if a user takes two sprays in each nostril three times per day, that results in a 24mg daily dose of CBD. This remains well within the daily limit of 70mg, and allows users the option to incorporate other CBD products if desired. 


Tablets and capsules

CBD tablets and capsules are a popular option as they offer a simple way to take a precise dose of CBD. They also come in various strengths, which makes it easy for users to build up gradually.


Taking tablets and capsules

Taking any CBD tablet or capsule is as simple as swallowing it with water. It’s important to stay hydrated when using any form of CBD product, so it’s advisable to drink a full glass of water when taking tablets or capsules. This also helps ensure that the product reaches the digestive system quickly. At Simply CBD, we offer high-strength SoftGels, as well as lower-strength capsules that are delayed release. These capsules bypass the stomach acid and release the available CBD later in the digestive tract for higher bioavailability. Both products absorb into the bloodstream via digestion and go on to interact with the endocannabinoid system.



CBD tablets and capsules are a great way to get started with CBD as they offer precise doses and are simple to ingest. At Simply CBD, we offer 7.5mg and 15mg delayed-release capsules, as well as 30mg SoftGels. This range in strengths makes it easy for users to start low and build up as necessary.

Depending on the strength of the product, users can take CBD capsules up to three times daily. When taking our SoftGels, it’s important for users not to take more than two per day. This is because doing so would cause them to ingest more than the daily recommended limit of 70mg of CBD per day. Most users only require one SoftGel per day. 

Time between medications

As with other orally ingestible CBD products, it’s important to leave a gap between CBD tablets and capsules and other medications and supplements. Leaving a two-hour gap for most medications and supplements and a four-hour gap for anything that is contra-indicated with grapefruit is advisable. 


Vape liquids

CBD vape liquids offer an alternative way to take CBD. They’re perfect for an on-the-go top-up and can be used in conjunction with other CBD products. 


Vaping CBD

Using CBD vape liquids is the same as any other e-liquid. The process involves adding the liquid to a compatible vape device and inhaling the amount necessary to reach the user's desired effects. The CBD absorbs via the lungs directly into the bloodstream, where it can begin to interact with the endocannabinoid system. 



It’s very difficult to determine the exact dose a user is taking when using CBD vape liquids. At Simply CBD, our vape liquids are all 2% strength, meaning they provide a low yet buildable dose. Users can vape CBD throughout the day as desired and use it in combination with other CBD products of their choosing. For example, some people may take drops or a SoftGel in the morning and use CBD vape liquids to top up their dose throughout the day. One benefit of using CBD vape liquids is that, unlike some other CBD products, they can be used at the same time as any medications and supplements a user is taking. 


Key takeaways

Here are the key points to remember about using different CBD products:

  • Choose the method(s) that best suit your needs and preferences.
  • Feel free to mix and match products until you find what works for you, but ensure you remain within the daily limit of 70mg per day.
  • Absorption methods differ between product types. 
  • Be careful about timing the doses of some CBD products with other supplements and medications.
  • Build up slowly from a low dose and stop building when you start seeing results.
  • Users can join our community support group on Facebook and use our Live Chat and/or email services for support on their CBD journeys.