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87% of Simply CBD Customers Feel Benefits

87% of Simply CBD Customers Feel Benefits

The 550 respondents, a substantial customer survey conducted by Simply CBD, was developed to understand customers feedback on the use of Simply CBD products.

Upon asking customers how much benefit they received, a massive 87% stated that they felt benefits from using our CBD products.

When broken down, 1 in 2 customers stated that they felt full benefits while 1 in 4 customers said they received moderate benefits but were still progressing towards achieving full benefits of CBD.

As a result of the substantial benefit gains from Simply CBD products, 62% of new customers purchased Simply CBD based solely on the recommendation of a trusted person or community.

When examining why customers are looking to use CBD, the results showed:

  • 3 in 4 use CBD to assist with pain-related issues
  • 1 in 3 use CBD to help with mental health issues
  • 1 in 4 use CBD for condition related issues such as M.S. or Menopause
  • 1 in 5 use CBD for general proactive well-being

A massive 98% of customers who leave feedback on said they were so happy with the results that they would recommend Simply CBD to others! 

CBD rises in popularity in the U.K. 

It is estimated that roughly 4-6million consumers have tried CBD and in the last 12 months, spent £690m on CBD products in the U.K., with this expected to grow to £1bn by 2025. 

Indeed, the study commissioned by Simply CBD confirms that CBD products are becoming increasingly popular in the U.K. The CBD compound, which, as long as it tests at 0.2% concentration of THC or below, is legal for use, comes in various product forms, including oils, balms, salves, edibles, and capsules. 

CBD products that contain less than 0.2% THC are deemed legal by the E.U. for sale and consumption, and the minuscule amount will not cause the user to experience a high. However, all the other benefits of the cannabis plant used, such as the entourage effect, are still accessible.

The entourage effect is based on evidence that CBD compounds work better with other compounds than in isolation. Essentially, the terpenes found in full-spectrum CBD products enhanced the attributes of the CBD compounds, making them even more effective. 

Indeed, compared to isolate, full-spectrum CBD products are far more popular. As demonstrated by the Simply CBD survey, 87% say they saw either moderate or a lot of benefit from using these types of products. 

All about Simply CBD 

Simply CBD is a retail business offering high-grade CBD products at a low price. Simply CBD continually works hard to find the highest quality products and make them accessible to all through low prices.

Independently lab tested, all Simply CBDs products are certified and handpicked for their CBD content, despite being priced lowest in the U.K. market. All Simply CBDs oils are 100% natural and full-spectrum and contain an array of cannabinoids extracted from high-grade dutch cannabis. 

Simply CBD also understands that because the CBD market is swamped with creative marketing, customers need to ensure they choose the right products for their needs. In fact, unlike other CBD supplies that suggest their customers take large quantities from the very start, Simple CBD encourages a more gentle and personalised approach. This entails starting slow and low with just a single drop morning, noon and night, and gradually building up the dosage weekly until the desired effect is reached.

Indeed, they are so confident in their customer satisfaction that they offer open access to a Facebook community of over 44,000 customers to provide additional education and peer support in the field. 

Simple CBD also recognises how important it is for its business to give back to the community. That is why they proudly support the K9 Rescue animal shelter for sick and disabled dogs. The well-being of the dogs at K9 is so dear to their hearts that they have agreed to provide customers with the option to donate to the charity every time they place an order. See for more information on how Simply CBD supports it being used to transform the lives of sick and disabled dogs.