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How Do CBD Tablets and Capsules Work?

How Do CBD Tablets and Capsules Work?

As the CBD industry grows, so does the number of different ways for people to use CBD. Sublingual oils are the most popular option, but there are plenty of other types of products that people can choose from. For example, CBD capsules and tablets offer an easy, convenient, taste-free, and effective way to consume CBD. Before using CBD tablets or capsules, it’s helpful for users to understand how they work, including the way they absorb and possible interactions with medications and supplements. 


What are CBD tablets?

CBD tablets are one of many types of CBD products. As their name suggests, CBD is their main active ingredient. CBD tablets are easy and convenient to ingest. Depending on their strength and the unique needs of each user, taking one per day may be all they need. This makes tablets a much more convenient option for some users as various other products require more frequent doses. For example, people who take CBD oil typically find that they need a new dose every four to six hours.

At Simply CBD, our CBD tablets come in the form of SoftGels. They contain 30mg of CBD per SoftGel, allowing users to ingest an accurate dose of CBD every time. These tablets are made with CBD isolate, which is a great option for anyone who is looking to avoid even trace amounts of THC. They are designed to be taken with a full glass of water (to ensure proper hydration). Once swallowed, our SoftGels make their way through the digestive system and are partially metabolised by the liver before absorbing into the user’s bloodstream. After reaching the bloodstream, CBD can begin interacting with the endocannabinoid system to provide the user’s desired benefits.


What are delayed-release CBD capsules?

Delayed-release CBD capsules are a specific type of oral CBD product that absorbs differently to most other options. As their name suggests, the rate at which these capsules break down is  delayed to provide enhanced absorption. Due to the way they’re formulated, delayed-release capsules dissolve further down the digestive tract than other ingestible CBD products. This means that the stomach acid can be bypassed, leading to more CBD entering the bloodstream. Delayed-release CBD capsules can be taken up to three times per day if required.

At Simply CBD, we offer two strength varieties of delayed release CBD capsules; 7.5mg per capsule and 15mg per capsule. They contain full spectrum CBD extract mixed with extra virgin coconut oil. For those who prefer a full spectrum product but don’t like taking oils, our delayed-release capsules are the perfect alternative. As with our SoftGels, these capsules should be taken with a full glass of water. Once the capsule reaches the point of the digestive tract where it begins to dissolve, its CBD content can start to enter the bloodstream. This is when it will begin working with the endocannabinoid system to provide results. Delayed-release CBD capsules can be taken up to three times per day if required.



Are CBD tablets and capsules suitable for beginners?

When someone is brand new to CBD, we always recommend starting with a low dose and slowly building up as needed. This is because the body’s endocannabinoid system works on a bell curve, and overloading it with too much CBD can cause adverse effects. Starting with a low dose allows the body to slowly “wake up” and react to the CBD. Once a user begins feeling their desired benefits, they should stick to the dose they’re taking. This is because the benefits are likely to increase over time. CBD tablets and capsules come in varying strengths, so it’s definitely possible for beginners to use them. We would typically recommend starting with the lowest dose option (7.5mg) and gradually building up to higher doses if needed. 


Is it okay to use CBD tablets and capsules with other CBD products?

Some CBD users find that opting for a combination of products is what works best for their needs. For example, a common combination of products is our patches and vape liquids. Patches offer a delayed-release system (similar to our capsules), and last for up to 36 hours. During this time, vape liquids can help give users an extra boost of CBD throughout the day when they need it. A similar logic applies to CBD tablets and capsules. For example, someone who takes a CBD SoftGel each day may also want to use a CBD balm or salve to achieve targeted support in an area of concern. While it’s not necessary to add extra products into the mix, it is always an option. However, we recommend starting with one product at a time and gradually adding more as needed or desired.

As mentioned, too much CBD can cause adverse effects. Therefore users who want to maintain their ideal dose with a new product mix must take this into account when adding in more products and make adjustments accordingly. Some users also add products to their mix when they want to take a higher dose of CBD. When doing this, the user should ensure that they do so gradually. It’s also important that users don’t end up taking more than 70mg of CBD per day to remain within the UK government’s CBD safety guidelines. 


Do CBD tablets and capsules interact with medications and supplements?

The research on this topic is still fairly limited, but some evidence suggests that CBD can interact with and impact the effectiveness of medications and supplements. This finding relates to ingestible CBD products like edibles, tablets, and capsules. For this reason, we always advise leaving a two-hour gap between a user’s CBD dose and their medications and supplements. If a user takes a medication that is contraindicated with grapefruit, our guidance increases to a four-hour gap. This is to ensure the safety of the user and the efficacy of both the medication/supplement and the CBD. 


What do Simply CBD’s customers say about CBD tablets and capsules?

Here is a selection of verified five-star reviews of the products in our CBD tablets and capsules range:

“The best CBD product I can recommend. These help with sleep, bowel problems/inflammation and constipation. Aches and pains and the dose is just right. I take one or two nightly depending on pain and they work a treat.”

“It's been very helpful for stress and anxiety. A natural way to relax and promote wellbeing.”

“I have been using these for quite some time and I definitely notice the difference when I forget to reorder and run out. With the type of nerve pain I get (HNPP) and a knee that needs replacing the pain can be pretty debilitating. This however does help make it bearable on a bad day and pretty much gets rid of it on a good day.”

“I used to lose my temper at the drop of a hat having a very stressful job. A friend recommended these to me and I now swear by them. They have literally changed my life and people see the difference when I don’t take them…I’m much more happier having these…I’ve tried many other supplements but I now swear by these.”

“Love these capsules and work better for me than oils as only need to take 1 a day and I can see a huge decrease in pain.”

“One tub per month - one [in the] morning and one at night and it's made a real difference to stress levels during the day and my restless legs syndrome during the night so win-win both day and night. I would recommend and have recommended these to others both friends and family.”


Key takeaways

Here are the key points to remember about CBD tablets and capsules:

  • CBD tablets and capsules offer an easy, taste-free, convenient, and effective way to ingest an accurate dose of CBD.
  • At Simply CBD, the options we have on offer are CBD SoftGels and Delayed-Release CBD capsules. 
  • CBD tablets and capsules both absorb via digestion, but delayed-release capsules dissolve further down the digestive tract.
  • Our SoftGels are made with CBD isolate, while our capsules are made with full spectrum CBD.
  • Beginners who want to start with CBD tablets or capsules should follow the general new user guidance of starting with a low dose and slowly building up as necessary.
  • As long as users don’t exceed their own ideal dose or the 70mg daily limit (set by the UK government), using CBD tablets and capsules in conjunction with other CBD products is perfectly fine. 
    • Note: Adding new products into the mix should always be a gradual process.
  • CBD requires a two-hour gap between medications and supplements, and a four-hour gap for anything that is contraindicated with grapefruit.
  • Simply CBD customers rate our CBD tablets and capsules highly and use them for a wide range of different reasons.