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Customer Stories: Real Life Experiences with CBD

Customer Stories: Real Life Experiences with CBD

CBD works differently for everyone, and each individual has their own reasons for wanting to use CBD. However, it can still be useful to learn from the experiences of others. This can come in many ways, such as joining a support group with other CBD users, or reading first-hand reviews. As with any product, CBD reviews are a useful tool for finding trustworthy products that suit particular needs and preferences. This article covers reviews from across our broad product range that highlight customer stories from many different walks of life. 



CBD oils are the most popular type of CBD product and there are a wide range of strengths available to suit different needs. Here is a selection of verified five-star reviews of the products from our CBD oil range:

“I have used the green for a few years and take it daily. It stops my anxiety and helps me massively.”

“I have used the green and my daughter the gold for a few years now and it’s made such a difference to our lives. I came off citalopram with the help of the green cbd and my daughter is off painkillers thanks to the gold. We take it daily.”

“I have been using Simply CBD Black for a number of years now to help with my rheumatoid arthritis. It certainly works for me: I stopped prescription meds as I was unhappy with the side effects and started taking CBD oil instead. My condition is stable and Simply CBD Black lessens the pain dramatically. I also believe that it has other benefits: I sleep better and have less anxiety than I did prior to taking it.”

“This is the only thing that helps my anxiety.  It calms me and helps me to relax and sleep better. It helps with restless legs too! I use stronger oils alongside for severe pain days. I've been using this for 3 years or so now and highly recommend it!”

“I suffer from CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) as well as recurrent trochanteric bursitis. Since using this I have been able to stop steroid injections, physio (electric current therapy) and the need to take large doses of naproxen. It has aided me to reduce the pain the majority of the time and enabled me to exercise, thus losing weight and putting less strain on the hip joint. This truly is a miracle remedy and a great find…give it a try…it truly has given me my life back!”

“I purchased this on a recommendation for my dog who was getting arthritis in her back legs. She was soon able to manage stairs again. I then started using myself for arthritic knees, and it's worked really well for me. It is a real life changer, and I recommend it now to others.”


Water-soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD is an alternative to CBD oils that users can add to any hot or cold beverage, or even infuse into various types of recipes. Here is a selection of verified five-star reviews of our water-soluble CBD products:

“Having pain in my left shoulder and right hip, have now taken Entourage Aqua soluble every day for over 1 year, I have no pain at all. Absolutely love it, pain free.”

“This has been an absolute life saver. I couldn't hack having oil in my mouth, and so being able to put the drops into a glass of pepsi, or orange, has been a real revelation. It's virtually tasteless, and is so helpful to my anxiety levels. For example, if i'm flying, i would have normally asked the GP for diazepam to help stop the jitters, but 3 or 4 drops into a drink before i leave the house, helps to settle my nerves and i no longer have to have the meds. It's a godsend to me.”

“Find this helps with MS spasms, it also aids sleep.”

“I have been using this product for a few weeks. I can honestly say that it is helping me with arthritis in my hands. I am also not getting tired of an evening whereas I was falling asleep before. I don’t like the taste of normal CBD oil but with this water soluble one I cannot taste it in my drink. I shall continue to buy this product.”

“Great product if you don’t like the taste or bothered with indigestion with normal cbd. Drop it in your favourite drink and away you go. I have been using it for a while now, reduced my pain medication and feeling a lot better within myself.”

“Brilliant product, brilliant customer service. Aches I'm getting in my legs, likely caused by menopause, have drastically reduced, as has my husband's joint pain in his hand/wrist. He's very cynical of any alternative products but has asked me to order a separate bottle for him so he can have it with him when he's away, so must be good!”


CBD patches are a convenient ‘set it and forget it’ method of absorbing CBD into the bloodstream, as their effects last for up to 36 hours per patch. Here is a selection of verified five-star reviews of our CBD patches:

“Simply CBD patches make an enormous difference to my quality of life. They help topically with a sore shoulder that has become very much less sore since I started using the CBD patches on it. They also help more generally. I feel calmer and less stressed since I started using them every day (for several months now). And they don't bother my skin at all. A wonderful product and Simply CBD provides an excellent service. I recommend them.”

“I did not think the CBD patches would work but they have made a huge difference to me.”

“I have bought several packs of these and I am very pleased with the results from using them. I use the patches for anxiety, stress, joint pain due to the menopause and also for arthritis. I recommended these to my friend's mom who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. She has started using them and they are helping her with her symptoms as well. Will continue to use the patches and Simply CBD are the best patches on the market, in my opinion, would highly recommend these to others.”

“Since using these patches they have helped ease my rheumatoid aches and pains significantly. I have recommended these to several friends and family.”

“CBD Patches have made all the difference to the lives of myself and my family. No more persistent aches and pains. Several of us rely on CBD to keep active.”

“I have fibromyalgia and have used CBD oil for years. About a year ago I moved over to the patches and found they gave me instant long-lasting relief without the taste of the oil. I also have ADHD and would forget my oil, the patches are easier to remember as they are visual. Recently I had a period of sciatica, I changed the position of the patch to the affected area and within 24 hours I have relief from the pain, 48 hours later I was able to walk again. I have never had issues with them sticking, even when swimming in the sea etc ... I 100% recommend them.”



CBD gummies offer a fun and tasty way to consume CBD, making them a popular choice. Here is a selection of verified five-star reviews of our CBD gummies:

I find the gummies are very good. They taste nice and definitely help my arthritis. They are also convenient, especially for holidays. Easy to pack.”

“I suffer from panic attacks and if I take a gummy when I feel one coming on it really helps to stop them.”

“These gummies are amazing for part of my 3 times daily CBD routine along with the blue oil and the Pure one, it's like having a treat that helps in every way, I have RA a fusing neck/spine with bone spurs and another autoimmune and also survived cervical cancer so my CBD helps not only with pain from the joints but also could help towards keeping me healthy in other ways. They taste yummy, being an avid sweet treat eater they're maybe a little moreish but I'm not complaining, the only little downside is that they're not chewy but quite soft so don't last long in the mouth, although you can recognise the CBD taste in them they don't have an unpleasant after taste, I look forward to these every day they're not over expensive either and well worth every penny.”

“I feel the gummies help me in my energy levels and general wellbeing. It's more convenient to store and use than the oils. I've been on CBD products for 3 years plus and find them very rewarding.”

“I’ve recently started suffering from anxiety due to perimenopause and these are great for taking the edge off. I will definitely be buying again.”


Balms and Salves

Balms and salves are topical products that help target specific areas of concern and contain skin-friendly ingredients. Here is a selection of verified five-star reviews of our range of balms and salves:

“I purchased the balm for neck and shoulder pain following an accident. It works like magic!! Instant relief from gnawing aches and pains. Friends and family of a certain age are now all using it on joints galore.”

“I suffer with restless leg syndrome which mainly affects me in the evenings and at night. Since using Simply CBD muscle balm every night, I've had no symptoms. It's great!”

“Really helps to relax my muscles in different areas. Easy to use, not greasy and quickly absorbed.”

“The product has a lovely fresh smell and is easy to apply, a small amount goes a long way. After about an hour I could really feel the benefit of this product, definitely eased the pain in my back and continued to do so through the night. Another excellent product from Simply CBD, thank you.”

“I bought the muscle salve to help with swelling joints and surrounding tissue and it appears to be working. I've accidentally discovered it really helps with dry skin on my hand which is caused by my MS. The burning sensation caused by my nerves are greatly reduced when compared to a normal moisturiser. I’m definitely ordering this product again.”  


Tablets and Capsules

CBD tablets and capsules offer a simple method of ingesting CBD that’s no different than taking any other type of supplement. Here is a selection of five-star reviews of the products in our CBD tablets and capsules range:

“I’ve been using Simply CBD products for a few years and find them wonderful. The SoftGels are easy to take and help with my anxiety and pain. Highly recommended.”

“Since taking the capsules I am sleeping much better and I have much less pain.”

“One tub per month one at morning and one at night and its made a real difference to stress levels during the day and my restless legs syndrome during the night so win win both day and night I would recommend and have recommended these to others both friends and family.”

“I used to lose my temper at the drop of a hat having a very stressful job, A friend recommended these to me and I now swear by them, They have literally changed my life and people see the difference when I don’t take them…I’m much more happier having these…I’ve tried many other supplements but I now swear by these.”

“I am so happy I tried these they are so easy to take and they keep my pain away.”

“Brilliant. Keeps my arthritic pains at bay.. I take one every evening and sleep like a baby. My blood pressure has also dropped.. I've also not had to take any opioid medication or anti inflammatory since I've been using CBD products. So a win win situation. I prefer the capsules as easy to take.  I  would recommend to anyone with aches and pains. I've also seen a huge improvement in being calm and more chilled out.”


Vape liquids

CBD vape liquids provide an alternative method of consuming CBD and can be used on their own or in conjunction with other CBD products. Here is a selection of verified five-star reviews of our CBD vape products:

“I use vape oil before I go to bed. It helps me sleep better. If I wake up early hours I just have a couple of puffs and I'm straight back over until the morning. Highly recommend.”

“Have been using this to combat migraines. Used to wake every morning about 3am with migraines since using the vape no migraines. Also, husband uses it for anxiety and he is better as well.”

“I had to give up smoking due to health issues and have been using CBD vape liquid instead of what I was smoking. I was worried about pain control, because I didn't feel anything I wasn't sure it would work. I started on 3 puffs before bed and gradually worked up to 8 puffs in the last hour. After 3 puffs I was yawning, within half hour I was asleep. Apart from great pain control I was amazed it actually changed my dreams. I've suffered night terrors for 60 years, since I've been using CBD vape liquid I've been having nice dreams, no night terrors, no waking up sweaty and terrified and I've been sleeping longer. I don't use it during the day, only in the last hour before bed, I go to sleep soon after laying down. Now I have very little pain, no spasms and no bad or sleepless nights, I wake up with a much clearer head and cope with stress much better.”

“I've vaped for a long time, but I had never tried vaping CBD before. This one has been a godsend for me! Gives me a boost in between the Pure CBD and it has a nice taste.”

“Great taste not too strong and has helped greatly with my anxiety and sleeping would definitely recommend to others.”


Nasal Spray

CBD nasal sprays offer targeted relief in addition to overall wellness support, making them a versatile option. Here is a selection of verified five-star reviews of our CBD Nasal Spray:

“I have now bought this nasal spray a number of times and find it very helpful for both the CBD benefits and sinus problems that I have.”

“I purchased CBD Nasal Spray to help with chronic sinusitis, it most definitely helped, unlike the prescription sprays and antibiotics. Will recommend to anyone suffering.”

“Fantastic product helped my nasal vestibulitis.”

“I have always had problems with my nose being blocked and constantly having to blow my nose, but now using the nasal spray, it has opened up my airways and helps keep my nose clear, great stuff, will order more when I need it.”

“This helps my multiple sclerosis symptoms love this product.”



At Simply CBD, we focus on providing high quality products for affordable prices with first class customer support. We frequently receive lovely reviews about us as a company, explaining why our customers choose us over other suppliers. Here is a selection of verified five-star company reviews:

“Absolutely my go-to company and product. Use daily for myself and my dog and have for a few years now. I trust Simply cbd and have recommended to friends. Would never use anyone else.”

“Excellent quality product. Never known a more reputable, ethical company.”

“Simply CBD have great administrators who give advice on how to use the products. The network of users also give good advice. It is straightforward to order and usually delivered within a few days.”

“Excellent service as always. High quality CBD oil at very reasonable prices. Always dispatched promptly. I particularly appreciate the amount of detailed information on the website regarding CBD, from its extraction to dosage. Emails are answered very quickly. “

“Great products at a great price. I've been using Simply CBD since 2019, absolute game changer for my auto-immune condition.”

“I love the fact that I can buy my cbd oil on subscription. The oil is essential for me to be able to maintain a busy lifestyle and it’s one less thing to have to remember. The team at Simply CBD are so helpful too - bonus!!”

“The company are very helpful and informative. They have a Facebook page where you can ask questions of the community and company representatives. I have been very impressed with the service and products.”

“Quick, efficient delivery with great customer service when you need it.”