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Is It Legal to Drive on CBD Products in the UK?

Is It Legal to Drive on CBD Products in the UK?

An update to drug driving laws in the UK in 2015, which includes cannabis as one of 16 listed illegal substances, has caused confusion around whether it’s legal for users to drive with CBD in their system. This is due to CBD and THC both coming from the cannabis plant, despite the fact that CBD doesn’t cause the ‘high’ feeling that THC can create. It’s crucial for all CBD users in the UK to fully understand CBD driving laws, as well as the importance of selecting a trusted supplier when aiming to adhere to these laws. 



Does UK law prohibit CBD users from driving with CBD in their system?

Broadly speaking, the use of legal CBD products in the UK does not prohibit users from driving. This is because CBD products that adhere to government guidelines are perfectly legal and do not cause users to become intoxicated. 

One of the main restrictions that trusted UK CBD retailers follow is ensuring that all products remain below the legal 0.2% THC threshold. This is because CBD products that contain 0.2% THC or less will never cause any mind-altering or psychoactive effects. Assuming that users have purchased their products from trusted suppliers that strictly adhere to all of the UK’s CBD-related restrictions, it’s completely legal to drive with CBD products in their system. 

Driving while using CBD products is similar to driving while using any other supplement, and is completely different from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While cannabis is one of the illegal listed substances for driving, this pertains to unregulated use, particularly of THC-rich cannabis strains. These are controlled substances that are illegal in the UK regardless of the driving aspect, while regulated CBD products are safe, legal food supplements. 


Is it safe to drive while using CBD products?

It’s legal to drive while using CBD products in the UK, but there are still some personal considerations and precautions to take before getting behind the wheel. As CBD causes different effects for each individual at different rates, it’s best for people to avoid driving the first time they take CBD as it’s unclear how their system will react.

There’s no evidence to suggest that CBD products make driving any less safe, but some people may feel effects that could make them less alert. For example, while CBD products don’t cause any intoxicating effects, some people find that CBD makes them feel drowsy, while others don’t notice this effect at all. It’s not advisable to drive on a dose of CBD that causes drowsiness, as this could cause unsafe conditions for the driver and those around them.

As with all aspects of CBD, deciding whether it’s safe to drive while using CBD products is a personal process that’s unique to each individual. The most important factor is whether users feel equally as confident in their ability to drive safely when using CBD products as when they’re not. While most users feel completely comfortable driving on CBD products, some may feel more or less confident behind the wheel depending on which effects they feel from using CBD. 


Do users need to disclose their CBD use if they get pulled over?

If a CBD user is pulled over by police while driving, they’re under no legal obligation to disclose their CBD use to the police officers. Just as a driver is under no obligation to disclose their use of any other legal supplements, the use of legal CBD products should not be of concern to police officers in the UK. However, some CBD users may feel more comfortable driving with a copy of their product’s lab reports in case they were to be questioned on the topic, as this helps demonstrate the legitimacy and legality of the products they’re using while driving.

It’s unlikely for a CBD user to be pulled over for concerns relating to their ability to drive safely. However, when a person is pulled over for driving in an unsafe manner, police officers can ask the driver to prove that they aren’t under the influence of any illegal substances. Obtaining this proof may come in the form of a drug test, completing a set of tasks, or both. Failing a UK drug test for cannabis would mean the user has more than two micrograms of THC per millilitre of blood. This is a level that is all but impossible to reach with legal, regulated CBD products. 


The importance of selecting a trusted CBD supplier

Choosing a trusted CBD supplier means that users don’t have to worry about whether the products they’re using align with government regulations. While there are many suppliers that ensure their products are safe, legal, and adhere to all restrictions, there are also some less trustworthy retailers that don’t always live up to their claims. This is one of the reasons why lab reports are incredibly important, and CBD retailers that don’t provide lab reports for their products should raise red flags among consumers.

At Simply CBD, we offer safe, legal, regulated CBD products that remain within the remit of all CBD-related government restrictions. We also provide lab reports for all of our products, which users can carry with them whenever they feel it could be necessary or useful to do so, such as while driving or travelling abroad. 


Key takeaways

Here are the key points to remember about using CBD products while driving:

  • It’s perfectly legal to drive on CBD products that adhere to all government regulations.
  • The safety of driving while using CBD products is up to each individual user to decide, as each person’s experience with CBD is unique.
  • CBD users are under no legal obligation to disclose their use of CBD products to police officers in the event of being pulled over.
  • It’s all but impossible to fail a UK cannabis drug test while only using legal and regulated CBD products.
  • Some CBD retailers in the UK fail to live up to their claims of legality and do not adhere to government regulations.
  • It’s important to find a trusted CBD supplier that provides lab reports for its products to ensure that they’re legal and regulated.
  • Some users carry copies of the lab reports for the products they use while driving so it’s simple to prove their legitimacy if it becomes necessary to do so.
  • At Simply CBD, we only sell legal CBD products that are safe and highly regulated, and we provide a comprehensive lab report for each product.