Welcome to Simply CBD

Welcome to Simply CBD.  ALL profits from Simply, ALL 100%, go to the running of the charity and our future goal of having the first holistic run free dog shelter in rural Wales. A 50 acre shelter where the dogs have the freedom to run and enjoy, as they are supposed to do. The shelter will have accommodation for pet owners to stay with their dogs, whilst enjoying the rural freedom of the Welsh countryside. Its a non profit charity where 100% of all donations go to the dogs, and 100% of Simply CBD profits will go to the expansion of the charity.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Simply CBD

  1. I would like to thank you for your help in using cbd. I think I have now found the right level for my needs and will continue to use it to make sure. The speed of delivery is exceptional and knowing I can have a replacement bottle in such a short time takes the worry out of running out. I couldn’t exist without the benefits I get from your cbd. I now feel that I am at last better than ever before with a better quality of life. Thank you Brian and Simply cbd. Eliz

  2. I ordered the gold and the entourage.I still had an oil from a different source.it wasn’t helping much just started the entourage last night what a difference so quick thank you so much

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