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5 Reasons to Join our CBD Users Support Group

5 Reasons to Join our CBD Users Support Group

We always aim to offer as much support and guidance as possible for our customers. As part of this, we highly recommend joining our Simply CBD Users Support Group on Facebook. It has amassed 50 thousand members, all of whom are there to ask questions, give advice, and share their experiences with CBD.

The friendly and helpful admins and moderators who run the group are very knowledgeable about CBD, especially Simply CBD products. While they are not direct team members of the Simply CBD brand, they share our goal of helping as many people find success on their CBD journeys as possible. The group is full of friendly people who are keen to support each other in this process. This article covers the top five reasons why you should join the Simply CBD Users Support Group


1. Get your questions answered

Most CBD users have questions about their journey, so don’t be shy about getting the answers you need. Common general queries can include asking for advice regarding getting started, increasing or decreasing dose, adding or switching products, among various others. You may also want to ask questions that pertain to your circumstances and needs, or on behalf of someone else who has specific requirements. These are also common in the group, as people use CBD for many different reasons. Those with similar circumstances to you will be happy to share their advice and experiences, and the admins and moderators will also let you know what they suggest. 

The questions and answers often continue in the comments of a post, so don’t be afraid to ask as many follow up questions as you need to feel your query has been answered. The goal of the group is to ensure that you’re left feeling confident about your own CBD journey and/or your ability to help support your loved one on their journey. 


2. Learn from the experiences of others

Depending on the information you’re looking for, you may be able to find answers to your questions without even asking them. There are countless posts from other group members asking both broad and specific questions, and your questions may be among them. Check the comments of these posts to see if you can find any useful information that pertains to your situation. 

Additionally, some members post to let others know about their own experiences to help fellow CBD users like you. Reading about the real life experiences of CBD users can help you learn about new ways to approach your own journey. While everyone’s CBD journey is unique, learning from the experiences of others is a great way to build confidence and knowledge surrounding CBD, including aspects like products, dosages, and usage frequency. 


3. Become part of a friendly community 

While CBD is becoming increasingly popular and mainstream, there is still a lot of stigma and plenty of misinformation that surrounds it. This can sometimes make it hard for CBD users to talk about CBD without fear of judgement. However, when you join the Simply CBD Users Support Group, you’re joining a friendly community of like minded people who are keen to talk about all things CBD. This makes it a great outlet for any of your CBD related questions, and can provide comfort if you feel unable to speak about CBD in other parts of your life. No matter what, you’ll always have this community of friendly and helpful CBD-lovers to turn to. 


4. Learn more about how CBD works

CBD can be a confusing topic, especially as there is still so much misinformation about it online (as mentioned above). In addition to what we share on our website, blog, and our own social media pages, you can trust the information shared in this group. The admins and moderators are very knowledgeable about CBD, as well as the specifics of Simply CBD products. You can learn about how CBD works, why the start low and slowly grow method is the best approach, which products contain which types of CBD and what this means, among many other aspects of CBD. 

So, if a question comes to mind about CBD and you can’t find the answer on our blog or socials, you can ask it in the group and trust that the answer you’ll receive is based on fact, experience, and a wealth of knowledge about CBD. You can also search through previous posts in the group to see if your CBD question has already been answered.


5. Stay up to date with Simply CBD news

In addition to our emails and social media posts, joining the group is another great way to stay up to date with all things Simply CBD. The admins share important updates like new products, sales, useful blogs, and more. As the role of the admins and moderators is to make the group as helpful as possible for Simply CBD users, they make an effort to ensure that members are kept up to date on everything they need to know about our brand. So, even if you happen to miss one of our emails or social media posts, the group gives you another opportunity to stay in the loop on everything Simply CBD related. 


Final thoughts

Our team at Simply CBD are always happy to help you, but we know sometimes it can also be useful to hear from people in the same boat as you. That’s why the Simply CBD Users Support Group is such a fantastic resource. You can always feel free to send your questions to us and/or the group, as our shared goal with the lovely people who run it is to help CBD users make the most out of their journeys with Simply CBD products.