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What Are The 3 Types Of CBD Profiles?

What Are The 3 Types Of CBD Profiles?

The world of CBD can be confusing with all of the different product types, brands, and jargon it involves. To make sense of it all, the best thing a user can do is develop an understanding of the basics and build on their CBD knowledge from there. For example, one of the core principles that applies to all CBD products is CBD profiles. This article details everything a CBD user needs to know about CBD profiles so they can make informed decisions about which products are most suitable. 


What is a CBD profile?

CBD profiles serve to help users understand what each CBD product contains. There are three types of CBD profiles, and every single CBD product, regardless of supplier, origin, or any other factor, will fall into one of these categories. The names of these categories are full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. Each one signifies the cannabinoid content of a product, which can then be verified by lab reports


What is CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is known as the purest form of CBD. This is because CBD isolate products contain only CBD from hemp, despite it being one of over 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids in the plant. There are no other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, or other plant compounds present. This pure form of CBD requires additional steps during the extraction process so that it can be isolated from all of the other cannabinoids and plant compounds before being used in CBD isolate products. 

Many beginners like to use CBD isolate because calculating exact doses is simple. The main drawback about CBD isolate is that it cannot produce the entourage effect, which is what is thought to occur when products contain more than one cannabinoid. However, all CBD profiles are effective and there is no universal ‘best’ or ‘worst’ profile. This is because each person’s experience and reaction to different CBD profiles is unique to them. 


Our CBD isolate 

At Simply CBD, we offer multiple CBD isolate products. Our isolate range includes ingestible products like CBD oil, gummies, softgels, and a nasal spray. We also offer topical isolate products like CBD patches, balms, and salves. Additionally, our range of CBD candles also contains CBD isolate. This wide range of options means that users who prefer isolate options can still diversify the products they use if they want to.


What is full spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD is essentially the opposite of CBD isolate. This type of CBD product contains varying quantities of all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant compounds that naturally occur in the hemp plant. THC is also present in full spectrum products, but only up to the UK’s legal limit of 0.2%. This limit allows for the full entourage effect to occur without causing any intoxicating effects whatsoever. 

The entourage effect is the main reason people opt for full spectrum CBD products over isolate alternatives. Some people also prefer certain cannabinoids which aren't available in products with other CBD profiles. Others choose to avoid full spectrum products altogether due to the trace amounts of THC present, despite there never being enough to cause a high or any other intoxicating effects. 


Our full spectrum CBD

At Simply CBD, we offer a few different types of full spectrum CBD products. For example, all but one of our CBD oil products are full spectrum. Additionally our water soluble CBD products fall under this category, allowing users to make full spectrum CBD beverages. For those who prefer capsules, our delayed release options are full spectrum as well. This allows users plenty of choice between strengths and product types within the full spectrum profile. 



What is broad spectrum CBD?

Broad spectrum CBD falls somewhere between full spectrum and isolate. Products with this profile contain a range of cannabinoids and compounds from the hemp plant, like full spectrum options. However, they contain no THC whatsoever, like isolate options. While some users have strong feelings about CBD profiles and therefore stick firmly to one side of the spectrum, this profile allows for a middle ground. 

Due to the fact that they contain multiple cannabinoids, broad spectrum products can produce the entourage effect. However, the effect isn’t as potent as it is with full spectrum due to the limited cannabinoid content. 


Our broad spectrum CBD

At Simply CBD, broad spectrum CBD is currently found in one product type. Our CBD vape liquids with CBG are broad spectrum and are commonly used alongside other CBD products. However, some people choose to only use vape liquids to ingest their daily dose of CBD. 


What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect is thought to be what occurs in the body when using full or broad spectrum CBD products. The idea is that these products are able to be more effective than their isolate counterparts as they allow multiple cannabinoids and compounds to work together as a team and provide their own benefits. Users can think of each cannabinoid and compound as a unique member of a team. While one member alone may be able to achieve a lot, what the whole team can achieve together is likely to be much greater. 


Key takeaways

Here are the key points to remember about CBD profiles:

  • CBD isolate products only contain CBD from the hemp plant, without any additional cannabinoids or plant compounds.
  • Full spectrum CBD products typically contain all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds found in the hemp plant, including trace amounts of THC (up to the UK’s legal limit of 0.2%).
  • Broad spectrum CBD products contain a select range of cannabinoids and plant compounds from the hemp plant, but are always free from THC.
  • The entourage effect is believed to occur as a result of using broad and full spectrum products, but never isolate. 
  • All CBD profiles have their own benefits and the right profile for each user differs as it depends what works best for an individual’s body.
  • At Simply CBD, we offer all three CBD profiles to cater to everyone’s needs and preferences.