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What To Look Out For When Switching CBD Brands

What To Look Out For When Switching CBD Brands

There are hundreds of different CBD brands in the UK alone, which can make it hard for consumers to find the best option for them. The process of selecting a brand that provides the best quality products for the lowest prices can involve switching between different suppliers. When this happens, it’s important for users to know exactly what to look out for to find the best possible match for their needs. This knowledge also helps users identify any red flags a brand may present and avoid purchasing from unreliable suppliers. 


Possible reasons for switching CBD brands

There are various different reasons why a CBD user may want to switch suppliers, including concerns about products, service, cost, and more. 



One of the main reasons users change their CBD supplier is the cost of their favourite products. Some brands take advantage of consumers by gauging prices as much as possible to increase their profit margins. In most cases, similar and even superior products are available for a fraction of these inflated prices. 

After spending some time researching CBD brands, many users find that they’re overpaying unnecessarily and opt for suppliers that price their products fairly. At Simply CBD, one of our main objectives is to make CBD accessible to all, which we achieve through our low prices for high quality products. 



Some CBD brands offer higher quality versions of popular CBD products than others. This is because not all brands prioritise quality, which leads to products with sub par ingredients, packaging, and a lack of desirable effects. Due to CBD not always producing immediate results, it can take some time for users to determine whether the product is at fault or simply requires more time to take effect. 

However, if there have been no effects at all after eight weeks of consistent use and gradual dose building, it’s likely the product is low quality and may not contain what it claims to. This is where lab reports come in handy as they can confirm the exact cannabinoid profile of a CBD product. At Simply CBD, we always prioritise quality and provide lab reports for full transparency. 



While CBD brands are in the business of providing products, offering high quality customer service is also important to the customer experience. Some users feel more confident in the products they’re using when a brand’s customer service team is able to answer questions and provide useful guidance regarding CBD. 

Companies that lack this capability may find that they lose customers to brands with dedicated customer service teams. At Simply CBD, we have a friendly and helpful customer service team who are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns our customers have at any point along their CBD journey. We also have a user support group on Facebook with over 48,000 members, allowing Simply CBD users to learn from and help each other based on first-hand experience. 



Different individuals use different amounts of CBD throughout the day. This can depend on a user’s dose, intended results, and daily routine, among other factors. Due to this, some users may benefit from products that contain large quantities as they’re likely to finish smaller containers quickly. Similarly, those who use only small amounts of CBD in a day may prefer smaller containers to avoid the risk of the product expiring before it’s finished. 

Either scenario can lead to users switching brands to find product sizes that better suit their individual needs and routine. At Simply CBD, we offer many different product quantity options to ensure all users can find what they’re looking for. For example, many of our CBD oils come in 10ml and 30ml varieties. 



As the CBD industry continues to grow, so do the number of different product types available. Due to this exciting growth, many consumers are diversifying the ways they use CBD. This can mean switching products entirely, or adding new products into an established routine. For example, someone using CBD oil may also want to incorporate products like CBD nasal sprays, CBD candles, or CBD vape liquids into their repertoire. Others may find that switching from one product to another, such as from traditional CBD oils to water soluble CBD, is the right move for them.

Users looking to swap out or add new products to their routine are likely to switch brands if their current supplier doesn’t offer new or exciting options. Most brands offer the basics, like oils, edibles, and topicals. However, a consumer who’s using an oil and also wants to add something unique, such as CBD patches, is likely to end up buying both products from the same brand. This can involve switching from their current brand so that they can source all of their favourite products from the same place. At Simply CBD, our product range is broad and ever-expanding to meet the needs and expectations of CBD users in this growing market.



Other factors to consider when buying from a new CBD brand

In addition to the factors listed above which are also important to note when moving brands, there are some other key points to consider before committing to a new supplier. 


Preferred CBD profile

Across all CBD brands, there will be up to three CBD profiles to choose from; CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD, and full spectrum CBD. CBD isolate refers to products that contain only CBD from the hemp plant. Broad spectrum CBD refers to products that contain CBD and a range of other cannabinoids and compounds from hemp, but no THC. Full spectrum CBD products contain all of the cannabinoids and compounds found in hemp, including trace amounts of THC up to the UK’s legal limit of 0.2%. Some brands only offer one or two of these profiles, while others provide all three.  

When a user switches to a new brand in search of a product that’s similar to the one they’re using, choosing the right CBD profile is key. This is because they can all result in different effects. Therefore, those who are used to a full spectrum CBD oil, for example, will be unlikely to reap the same benefits from a CBD isolate oil due to the different cannabinoid content. However, if a user is looking to try something different in hopes of better results, changing to a different CBD profile could be the better option. The important part is for users to keep CBD profile in mind when choosing the right product and brand for them. 


Lab reports

Lab reports are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a reliable CBD brand and identifying high quality products. They provide an in depth look at the cannabinoid content of a product based on tests carried out by an independent lab. This is especially useful for people who are trying to find a similar product to what they’re currently using, as they can easily identify the closest match by comparing lab results. Additionally, users can get a better understanding of what does and doesn’t work for them in terms of unique cannabinoid ratios. 

Some brands don’t offer lab reports, or will only provide them once an order has been placed. This should immediately raise red flags, as publicly displayed lab reports are a key sign of reliability and transparency. Unwillingness to share this information or even have products tested at all should raise concerns about what the products actually contain, and how trustworthy the brand that sells them may be. 


Product strength

Finding the right product strength is key for successful CBD use as everyone’s ideal dose is unique to them. Taking too much CBD can cause adverse effects and diminished results, and taking too little may result in users struggling to achieve their desired results. 

The definition of ‘too much’ and ‘too little’ is different for each person and depends on an individual’s ideal dose of CBD. Strength always comes into play when selecting a new CBD product, whether a user is looking for a product that is stronger, weaker, or around the same strength as the product they’re leaving behind. Therefore, keeping desired product strength in mind is key to finding the right brand and product. 



Reading verified customer reviews of different brands and products is a great way for users to determine the type of experience they can expect. Reviews can help support or deny a company’s claims about their products, giving new customers a better idea of which brands and products are trustworthy. 

From the effects of a product to the customer support from the company to typical delivery times, customer reviews offer an honest look at what a brand has to offer. Reading positive reviews is equally as important as reading negative reviews, as it’s best to have a comprehensive picture of the customer experience. Comparing reviews across different brands allows users to identify stand-out options and rule out those with overwhelmingly negative feedback. 


Key takeaways

Here are the key points to remember about switching CBD brands:

  • CBD users may switch brands for a variety of reasons, including cost, quality, service, quantity, and available options, all of which are important factors to consider when selecting a new supplier.
  • Users should know the CBD profile they’re looking for before committing to a new brand or product. 
  • Checking lab reports to understand a product's cannabinoid makeup and confirm the reliability of the brand selling it is key.
  • If a brand doesn’t provide lab reports, this should raise major red flags.
  • Product strength is crucial when selecting a suitable product, and this can be confirmed by checking the product listing info and corresponding lab reports. 
  • Company and product reviews give users a preview of the experience they can expect with a new brand and their products.