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Easy Ways to Remove Adhesive from Skin

Easy Ways to Remove Adhesive from Skin

Some CBD users who opt for patches as their product of choice find that a small amount of adhesive remains on their skin when removing their patch. This issue is easily fixed and preventable, and therefore should not deter anyone from trying out CBD patches. Users don’t need anything special to remove any remaining adhesive, as common household products will do the trick. This article covers why adhesive may stick to the skin, multiple ways to remove it, and how to prevent it from happening at all.


What causes adhesive to stay on the skin?

Not everyone experiences adhesive residue from patches, and many different factors can contribute to its build-up. Some of these factors are in a user’s control, such as keeping the patch site clean and changing where the patch is placed regularly. Other factors, such as naturally dry skin, are harder for a user to control. 


Oil based remedies for adhesive removal

Some simple and inexpensive oil based products found in many households can help remove any adhesive that remains on the skin.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil is incredibly versatile, with uses ranging from cooking to cosmetic. In the case of adhesive, it’s highly effective at dissolving and removing it from the skin. Additionally, as it has many benefits with topical applications, such as hydration, it can leave the skin in better condition than before the adhesive was applied. Excluding those with a coconut allergy, anyone can use this option as it’s 100% plant based. Coconut oil makes the perfect natural remedy for adhesive residue.


Baby oil

As it's primarily used on infant skin, baby oil is an incredibly gentle option for removing adhesive. This is perfect for people with sensitive skin that reacts to other types of oils or lotions. It can help break down adhesive or remove its grip on the skin in a pain-free way. Many adults also use baby oil to help with skin hydration and texture, meaning the benefits of this option may be further reaching than simply removing adhesive. 


Water based remedy for adhesive removal

The following option is perfect for those who would prefer a water based solution for removing adhesive from the skin.


Micellar water

Micellar water is a popular water-based makeup remover that many people have around the house. In addition to makeup, it can also be used to remove adhesive build-up on the skin. Some brands also offer an oil infused version of micellar water for those looking for a happy medium between water and oil based products. 



How to prevent adhesive from staying on skin

Here are a couple of simple steps users can take to avoid a build-up of adhesive on the skin.


Keep area clean

Keeping the area where patches are applied clean before and after application may help prevent the build-up of adhesive. For users who always apply their patches in the same spot, this is even more important as it helps prevent any gradual accumulation of adhesive over time. 


Move patch application site regularly

Continuously reapplying patches in the same place can encourage a build-up of adhesive. This is one of the reasons we suggest changing the patch site regularly. Additionally, it allows users to target various different areas of concern while enjoying overall wellness support.